Are All Nerf Darts Interchangeable? (Compatibility check!)

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So you’ve got a great nerf blaster, and you’re wondering if all nerf darts are interchangeable, well the simple answer is yes! Nerf darts are indeed interchangeable.

However, you need to go through our guide to be completely sure that your blaster supports your favorite nerf darts.

In this post, we do a complete compatibility check so that you don’t have to worry if your nerf darts are compatible with your blaster. So, let’s get started.

Are all Nerf Darts/Bullets Interchangeable?

Nerf darts are known for their versatility, to the point where they’re almost universal. But that’s not entirely true. They can vary in size, weight, or dimensions.

Your blaster may not like a certain type of nerf bullet. You should read on to find what type of nerf darts go with your nerf blaster.

We’re going to talk about how different types of darts work with different blasters. Most people know how to use Nerf darts, but it’s nice to know what makes them special. They’re very versatile and can be used for a variety of things.

Different types of Nerf Darts

Let’s go into different types of nerf darts there are on the market.

Elite Darts

These are pretty standard darts for your nerf gun. These darts may vary with the model of your nerf blaster.

Mega Bullets

These bullets come with different features like glow-in-the-dark effect etc. They are bigger and heavier than elite darts and are meant to be used in bigger guns.

Micro Darts

As the name suggests, these are the smallest nerf darts there are. They also come with a glow-in-the-dark effect. They are used in elite guns.

AccuStrike Darts

These are made to be used by Accustrike blasters.

X Shot Darts

The size of these darts comes between mega bullets and elite darts. These are made specifically for X-Shot toy guns.

Zombie Strike Darts

These can be used with a variety of nerf blasters or toy guns.

Do Nerf Darts Fit All Guns?

The answer is almost certainly yes! In most cases that’s true. But we don’t want to leave any shred of doubt, so in the next section, we’ll talk about the compatibility of these bullets or darts with your blasters.

For example, if your gun has an electronic firing mechanism, it could pose some compatibility issues.

Nerf Dart Type and its compatibility with the Blaster

Micro Darts

Micro darts can go with quite a few blasters but it’s not a perfect fit and it isn’t loved by most players.

Accustrike Darts

These darts will only be compatible with accustrike guns or other guns with the electronic firing mechanisms. The same is the case with hyper fire darts.

X-shot Darts

These darts too work only with X-shot guns in most cases. Most nerf guns don’t support X-shot Darts.

Mega Bullets

Now, these bullets will go with most nerf guns. Your gun has to have a magazine to be able to use these bullets though.

What Nerf Darts are the most Compatible?

Zombie strike darts and Streamlined darts can be said to be the two most compatible types of nerf darts.

  • Zombie strike darts are supported by Crossfire bow and sidestrike blasters. Even N-blasters can shoot Zombie strike darts.
  • Streamlined darts may have an inconsistent flight pattern but they’re considered universal darts and work with most of your blasters.

Nerf Streamline Darts vs Elite

Streamline darts weigh about 1.3g compared to 1.0g Elite darts. Streamlined darts are not very weight-proportional and result in inconsistent flights. This is a very common complaint that users make.

Elite darts are better designed and more popular.

Are Nerf Darts Compatible with x shot?

Nerf darts are compatible with X-shot blasters but only just. They won’t fire perfectly but you can make do with it. The box actually says they’re compatible with X-shot blasters, so you can go by that.


Do Nerf darts work in all Nerf guns?

They are compatible with all Nerf guns that fire elite darts.

Are all Nerf clips interchangeable?

Yes, all nerf clips are universal. All nerf clips are accepted by nerf guns.

Are all Nerf gun bullets the same?

They’re almost the same. All nerf darts are said to be universal, but when you go into detail, you’ll find that there are some differences. Some work better with certain blasters, some will misfire or not fit at all.

Are all Nerf mega darts compatible?

Yes, all nerf mega darts compatible with mega darts blasters, all models will work with blasters that shoot mega darts.


This was our complete guide on whether all nerf darts are interchangeable, we hope that this helped you! We tried to explain how different types of nerf darts work with certain blasters, but you may have a question that wasn’t answered here.

If you have a question about this, feel free to ask in the comment section below! We are always glad to help! Thank you for reading.

In the end, we’d like to add that Nerf is the best gun range out there. They are made to make kids happy. Everyone enjoys a Nerf blaster! If you love shooting, you’ll love the fun.

You can use this toy to build confidence, especially for kids. You’ll see that Nerf is the perfect choice for every kind of play. Kids who use this toy are taught to love sports.

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