Are Boomco Darts Compatible With Nerf? (Yes, and No!)

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Wondering if BOOMco darts are compatible with nerf? Well, not quite. Although the BOOMco darts are far superior in quality, but they won’t fit in your nerf dart gun. However, if you have a ‘Mega’ Nerf blaster you’re in luck.

Read more to learn all about BOOMco darts, we’ll try to answer all your questions in this piece.

Can You Use BOOMco Darts in Nerf Guns?

So like we’ve said, boomco darts cannot be used in nerf guns because of differences in weight, size, etc. The Mega Nerf Blaster, however, has a similar dart to boomco darts.

So you can fit boomco darts in your Mega Nerf blaster, so here’s the good news. But if you have another type of nerf blaster, there’s nothing much you can do.

Boomco Darts vs Nerf Darts

Nerf has the reputation of being the most renowned brand of foam-bullet guns. However, Boomco darts may offer a better experience to its users.

Now Nerf darts have various designs and shapes, the Boomco darts are pretty exclusive to the company.

Where Nerf darts are very strong, they’re almost indestructible. On the other hand, the Boomco darts are extremely accurate.

Nerf darts are indeed very powerful and durable. Most of the foam-bullet darts used in the world are made by Nerf.

The biggest advantage of Nerf darts over other darts is the fact that they are designed to be reusable. This is because Nerf darts don’t break easily. However, they do get damaged, if you shoot too many Nerf darts in one go.

Is Boomco made by Nerf

Boomco is actually a brand of Mattel dart blasters, that was launched in July of 2014. Boomco, although not made by Nerf, is now acquired by Hasbro, the parent company of both Nerf and Boomco.

Yes, it’s true. The Nerf is the original dart blaster launched in 1969 by Hasbro. Since its launch, Nerf has been considered to be one of the most popular brands in the dart blaster category.

Many kids enjoy using Nerf darts because they are fun to use. Kids can play games with these darts just like with regular darts. The darts are easy to use, and they are great for kids.

What Nerf Darts are Compatible

Nerf Elite 2.0 Darts are compatible with all the Nerf blasters that fit Elite darts. Other darts that are compatible include Streamline darts, Zombie strike, and Suction darts.

Why Did Boomco go out of Business?

Boomco didn’t exactly go out of business, since it was acquired by Hasbro. Its products are still being sold in the market but under a new name, or new parent company.

As Mattel rightly said, the brand wasn’t going to be discontinued.

Are All Nerf Darts universal

Yes, all nerf darts are universal, however, you should still choose the dart according to your nerf gun. For example, micro darts are best used with Elite guns. Or, Accustrikes are meant to be used with accustrike blasters.

That’s because each type has different materials, dimensions and weights involved.

There are many types of darts for nerf guns. You can choose the dart you like most by knowing the brand and model. 


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