Can You Paint a Dartboard?

The impact of darts causes your dartboard to be worn down. Can you paint a dartboard if you want to fix it up or use it for another use? Yes, you can the first thing you need to do to determine the proper materials for your dartboard is to figure out what material the dartboard … Read more

What Darts Do The Pros Use?

It might surprise you to know that darts are one of the most complicated and difficult sports to master. You may think that it is easy to throw a dart and hit a bull’s eye, but darts aren’t actually all that easy to throw. So what type of dart should the pro player choose? In … Read more

How to Clean a Cork Dart Board

With the right tools, you can clean your cork dartboard with ease! You have to adapt and figure out what works best for you and your situation. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you get started. Cork is a natural material and you’ll want to know how to clean your cork dartboard … Read more