Best Dart Repointing Tool (Reviews, How-to Guide and More!)

If you’re looking for the best dart repointing tool, you’ve come to the right place. We know, it’s not easy to find a decent dart repointer in the market.

This is why we’ve come up with the best products for you after a ton of research. We’re confident that the products we have on listed will meet your expectations.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the list.

Best Dart Repointing Tools – At a Glance

Harrows Easy Dart Re-Pointing ToolCueSoul Touch-Tool Repointer Winmau Craftsman Re-Pointing System
Best overallComes with accessoriesOur favorite
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Harrows Easy Darts Re-Pointing Tool – Hand Held Repointer for Replacing Dart Points (Best Overall)


The Harrows reporting tool is a handy and reliable tool for replacing steel tip darts. The device is designed to work with all steel tip darts, and it’s supplied with easy to follow instructions.

There is no need to buy other expensive replacement tools because you have one with you at all times. This is a great investment that will save you time and money because this is a relatively cheap dart repointing tool.


The tool is lightweight and very compact, which makes it easy to carry around. The handle is ergonomically designed so that you can hold the tool easily.

If you have a set of darts that has worn down, you can easily repair them using Harrow’s Easy Darts Re-pointing tool.

It is an easy and safe way to make your old darts work as well as new again. It doesn’t matter what kind of steel tip dart you are using, because the tool will work for them all. 

All you have to do is hold the tool in one hand and a dart in the other. Hold the tool over a dart, and push it down until it touches the dart. It’s that simple.

The only problem is that you will need a little practice before you get the hang of it. And once you do, replacing your dart point becomes a cakewalk.


The quality of this tool is really good. It’s easy to use and you won’t have any problems with it.

Our Verdict

We’ve been using this repointing tool for a while now and we can tell that it’s worth using. We like it because it’s easy to use and it’s very affordable. It’s the right tool for all types of darts.

  • Makes the job easy and super quick
  • Nice looking
  • Durable
  • Threads might not hold up well

CUESOUL Touch-Tool Repointer for Darts Points Repointing


The Cuesoul Repointer tool is one of the most useful tools you can get for your dart. It can be used to replace a damaged dart tip with a new one because the tip will eventually wear out.

With this tool, you can replace it with a new one. This is an easy way to replace a worn dart tip. You don’t have to wait for someone else to do it since it’s much faster to do it yourself. The Cuesoul Repointer tool is a simple-to-use device that takes only seconds to use.


The Cuesoul Repointer tool is a must-have item for any serious dart player. If you own a set of darts, you would know that dart tips can fall out or you could lose them. This can be a problem since the tip is arguably one of the most important parts of a dart.

A worn-out tip means you can’t compete since it might cause your darts to bounce out too often. You can solve this problem by using the Cuesoul Repointer tool. This is a very good tool to make your darts last longer as well.


The quality of this tool is amazing, it is made of hardened steel and the design is very easy to understand and use.

It also comes with a file to sharpen your dart tips so that they’re not too pointy or too blunt when you need them.

Our Verdict

We’ve seen how the tip of your dart can break off all of a sudden. That’s why we recommend that you use the Cuesoul Repointer tool if you’re serious about darts and play the game frequently.

  • Includes other accessories
  • Great quality
  • Easy to use
  • A bit pricey

Winmau Craftsman Re-Pointing System (Our Favorite)


The Winmau Re-pointing tool is a very useful tool. It is designed to make changing your points much easier than the standard method.

This is because you no longer need to remove your point from the barrel, change it, and then put it back into the barrel. The Winmau Re-pointing tool does all that for you.

Changing the points on your darts can be frustrating. You could spend hours on end doing it and still end up with an inaccurate dart. Luckily, this repointing tool can save you a lot of time and effort.


It employs T2 technology to reduce the force you have to exert on it, which means considerably less effort is required to do the task.

The Winmau has made a name for producing exceptional darts and its accessories, and we’re certainly not disappointed with this one as well.

Indeed with the right tool, difficult tasks can be done quickly and easily.


The quality of this tool is exceptional. It is made from durable materials. You can easily use it for hours on end without having any problems.

Our Verdict

After testing this tool, I discovered that it was very easy to operate. It’s easy to adjust and readjust the dart to the right point on your dart board. I was surprised that my darts were so accurate. All of the darts went straight after reporting.

  • Great quality
  • High durability
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Doesn’t come with a guide

How to Repoint Darts without Tool?

You can also repoint darts without using any tools, however, it’s not advisable because it may cause damage to your dart barrels and cause your dart point to become blunt.

That’s because it involves using a hammer, and that’s never good, especially when you’re dealing with delicate material such as darts. That said, you could still try it if it doesn’t sound too bad to you

1. First of all you need to remove the old dart point with a pair of pliers.

2. Secondly, insert the new dart point into your barrel, as far inside as it goes, using your bare hands.

3. Then you need a screw that’ll go into the other end of the barrel.

4. Now, you need to hammer the top of the screw with your dart point touching the ground, and force it inside the barrel.

5. Now take off the screw and you’ve replaced your dart point.

FAQs – Best Dart Repointing Tool

How do you repoint darts?

You need to use a dart repointing tool, which is designed in a way that makes the job extremely easy and a matter of minutes.

What it does is, that it makes the old dart point stick into a hole and applies huge pressure on the barrels until the point is removed. In the same way, the new dart point is attached.

Do dart points make a difference?

Yes, they make a big difference. A dart that has been re-pointed by using a repointing tool, will be sharper than its original dart point. The original dart point is rough and will cause more bounce-outs.

That means you’re going to fall behind in a competition and you don’t want that. For that reason, for dart players, having darts with a sharp tip is extremely important.

How often should you change darts?

There is no hard and fast rule to how often you will change darts, but when you sense a problem, it’s time you should do your research.

Now, the problem may not be in the dart anyway, perhaps your dart flight needs replacement or maybe your dart point has faltered.

If your darts are bouncing out more than normal, that’s when you should really go after a solution, if you observe that your dart point is rough or too blunt, you could change the tip using a repointing tool.

How do you throw darts with precision?

To throw a dart accurately, you will have to practice a lot. You will need to make sure you master your grip and release technique. You should learn to use your wrist when throwing the dart.

However, if you find that your accuracy is not improving, it’s time to investigate if your dart points or dart flights are causing the issue.


We hope that you found your best dart repointing tool in our guide. You can easily use the information in this guide to help you pick the right darts repointing tools. Just compare the different darts repointing tools you see and choose the one that works for you.

In the end, we’d like to add that while dart sharpeners may do the job for you, but you should be aware that it’s only a temporary fix.

To properly maintain your darts and get the best out of them, you’ll need a dart repointing tool to get your darts in the best shape.

Finally, we hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and have learned a few things. If you have any questions about dart repointers, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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