Best Electronic Dart Scoreboard in 2022

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I’ve used this device for a few months now and I’ve found it really useful. It’s a great way to keep track of your scores, and I like that you can also keep track of your progress using this device.

If you have the scoreboard there is no need to write the score down. You can just type it on the keypad. There are many different types of electronic scoreboards and almost all the scoreboards have different features that make it hard for you to choose the best that satisfies your requirements.

I’ve created this list of the 4 best dart scorers to help you find the best scoreboard for you and your home.

Best Electronic Dart Scoreboard

Image Product Details   Price
1 Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer Color: Black
It is made of plastic material.
It supports 8 players.
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2 Winmau Ton Machine Color: Black
It has only one color.
It supports 4 players.
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371ZQo4aIQQL._AC_SL1500_ Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer Color: Black
It supports 8 players.
It has 40 different games.
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4 Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer Color: Black
It is made of plastic material.
It has a less selection of games.
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Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer – Our Recommendation

The Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer is a great way to add scoring functionality to your dartboard. This means you can now take the fun out of darting and turn it into a game!

The scoreboard has a dartboard on the right side of the scorer so you can touch the number on the dartboard that you scored on the actual dartboard to enter the score. It is very easy to enter the score on the scoreboard and it is very userfriendly.

The board supports up to a variety of different games and can actually be synced to work automatically with bristle boards! There’s a voice too and it will allow you to play with up to eight players and follow rules for 24 game types.

The board can be set to different settings so you can play with your friends at home, or you can play with people around the world.

  • Easy to use
  • Voice Prompts
  • Large touchpad
  • Smaller display

Winmau Ton Machine – Best Overall but Quite Expensive

There are many electronic dart scoreboards that you can buy online. Some of these dart scoreboards can also help you to record the results of your darts games. These electronic dart scoreboards help you to track the results of your darts games.

The Winmau Ton machine Professional Electronic Darts Scorer is one of the best dart scorers available today. It is an electronic dart scorer that is portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a LED display which is easy to read.

It has a practice mode that will show all the possible dart finishes or outshoots. The display also registers all the games that are played. The scoring can be done manually or automatically.

There is a separate button for the average. It is made with a metal frame and has a steel wire shaft with a nylon grip. It comes with a UK main power supply and is designed to be wall-mounted.

  • An average button
  • It can register a lot of games record
  • Practice mode
  • Runs on main power supply
  • It is quite expensive
  • It supports only 4 players

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer – Best if You Are on a Budget

A dart board scorekeeper is used to record scores from different games. When you are playing darts, you usually play with a group of friends. You will probably play more than one game at a time.

The Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer is a high-quality dartboard scorer that is built to last. This electronic dart board scores up to 40 different games and can be used by up to eight players at the same time. It is very hard to use, there are a lot of buttons and a few of the buttons are not even necessary.

It has a backlit LCD screen that is easy to see from the throw line. You will love using this scoreboard for fun games, or for professional competitions. It has 655 game options, and it comes with a set of 40 games preprogrammed in.

You can view your scores on this screen while you are playing. You don’t have to search through your pocket or your bag for a piece of paper. The electronic dartboard scorekeeper has a special setting that will automatically turn itself off after a set amount of time. This setting is meant to help save battery life.

  • Supports 8 players
  • Large variety of games
  • Auto-off options

    Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer – Affordable and Easy to Use

    The Arachnid Electronic Touch-Pad Dart Scorer is a computerized board with built-in sound and a touch screen display. It has 18 game types that you can select before the game starts. The LCD displays the game scores and cricket results.

    The board can be played by up to eight players. You can play four different cricket games, including Count Up, Hi-Score, Round the Clock, and more. You can also record up to 64 rounds per game.

    The board has a rechargeable battery and a sleep mode so that you can use it anywhere, any time. There are voice prompts to call the next player and also tell the player rankings.

    • Voice prompts
    • It supports 8 players
    • It has a large display
    • Very easy to use
    • Less selection of games

    Buyers Guide – How to Choose an Electronic Scoreboard

    The first step in buying an electronic dart scoreboard is to understand your requirements. Are you looking for a very simple scorekeeping system or a more complex one? You might want to do some research first you don’t want to rush yourself because if you do that you might end up buying something that does not fulfill your requirements.

    Different Types of Scoreboards

    There are several types of scoreboards that are available in the market today. The most common type of scoreboard is the electronic dart scoreboard. There are many electronic dart scoreboards that you can choose from.

    They are different because they have different features. These can be classified into two categories: handheld and wall mounted. You have to know which type you want if you want to buy one.

    Specs of Scoreboards

    You can look at the various specs of these scoreboards that they have. They are the dimensions of the board, the type of material used, the quality of the material, the types of games that it supports, the features that it has, etc.

    You have to consider all these things before you go ahead and buy one.


    When buying a new electronic dart scoreboard, you have to know all the important factors such as the size of the board, the type of game that it can support, the features that it has, and the price. You must consider all these aspects before you buy one.

    These two are the most common types of electronic dart scoreboards. They are handheld and wall mounted. You should buy the best one that meets your needs.

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