The 15 Best Soft Tip Darts (Ultimate Guide for Every Level)

Ever had a party spoiled thanks to your soft tip darts breaking in the middle of an intense game? We know how that feels, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best soft tip darts for you.

Gone are the days when soft tip darts were only used by children. With the emergence of electronic dartboards, more people are now looking for plastic tip darts instead of traditional ones.

Not to mention, the quality of the electronic dartboard darts has spiked considerably as well, which only makes sense. However, finding the perfect one for you is no cakewalk, which is where we come in.

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To summarize, we’ve included in this article:

  • 3 of our favorite products, if you’re in a hurry
  • The best budget-friendly soft tip darts
  • The best overall
  • Hands-on reviews of the products that we’ve tested/verified
  • A buying guide to help you choose one for yourself

Our 3 Quick Picks (If you’re in a hurry)

Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip DartsWin.Max Plastic Tip DartsRed Dragon Amberjack Soft Tip Darts
Best overallBest budget optionOur favorite
Comes with a travel caseComes with the dart toolAwesome design
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The 15 Best Soft Tip Darts – At a Glance

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – Ultra-dense tungsten alloy
– 18 gram
– One year warranty
Check Price
backpac Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart – 80% Tungsten barrels
– Knurled barrel
– Diamon-cut Aluminum Shafts
Check Price
backpac Viper SuperBee Soft Tip Darts Knurled barrels
– Aluminum micro shafts
– 2D Glitter flights
Check Price
backpac Viper Ranger 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – High quality design
– Strategically placed knurling
– Diamond-cut Aluminum shafts
Check Price
backpac WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip – Precise barrels
– Robust tips
– Great package
Check Price
backpac RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tip – Red Dragon stems
– Red Dragon hardcore flights
– Cool black and orange style
Check Price
backpac Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts – Quality design
– Strategically placed grooves for grip
– Diamond-cut Aluminum shafts
Check Price
backpac Wolftop Soft Tip Darts  – Unbreakable Aluminum shafts
– Precision barrels
– Perfect for every skill level
Check Price
backpac CyeeLife 15 Packs Soft tip Darts Set – Darts for beginners
– Good customer support
Check Price
backpac Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts Quality design
– Strategically placed knurled bands
– Deluxe dart pal case
Check Price
backpac Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – 97% Tungsten barrels
– Vivid red metallic coating
Check Price
backpac Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – Designed with high quality
– Smooth, sleek barrel
– Aluminum shafts
Check Price
backpac Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Titanium Soft Tip Darts – Precision ringed grips
– Black short shaft
Check Price
backpac Sanfeng Darts Plastic Tip Set – Excellent weight balance
– Stable and durable
Check Price
cordlessblower Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts – Quality design
– Diamond-cut Aluminum design
– Quality flights
Check Price

1. Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts


The Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts feature an extra thick tungsten alloy barrel that is about as dense as aluminum yet has the weight of steel. It’s extremely accurate and hard hitting darts.

You will be impressed with how well it flies. With an extra soft tip, you can easily see the flight pattern and adjust the flight accordingly.


The Arachnid Soft Tip Darts are made from 90% tungsten which makes them very lightweight while retaining the hardness of steel. The barrels are threaded at the front end for easy tip changeover.

The barrel and wings are fully interchangeable with other Arachnid darts making it a perfect dart set for both beginners and advanced players.


Each dart is handcrafted and assembled by the finest craftsmen. They are then given an extra hardening process that makes them more durable and more resistant to breaking.

The best tungsten soft tip darts are the ones that deliver consistent flight patterns and don’t bend or break.

Our Verdict

The Arachnid Soft Tip Dart Set is the perfect set for all kinds of players. It delivers great value for money with excellent quality. We highly recommend this set.

  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • Well balanced  
  • The barrel may be too thin for some

2. Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case (Best Overall)


The Viper Astro 80% tungsten soft tip darts are designed to provide consistency in your game and the ultimate feel for a truly accurate shot.

It features an upgraded flight design with more stable flights.


The knurled barrels offer you a better and more consistent grip and have a unique diamond-cut etchings and rings providing a great look for your darts.

Diamond-cut aluminum shafts offer you a secure and solid grip with locking holes that allow you to lock and unlock your shaft easily.

The tac tech case is designed to be durable and tough, with an innovative storage system to keep your equipment safely secured.

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The aluminum shafts are the most reliable in the industry and they are also the strongest. The shafts will not crack or break like most plastic tip darts.

Our Verdict

The dart has good speed, good accuracy, and a great feeling for the shot. The flight design has been updated with more stability, which will give you more confidence and consistency.

  • Consistent throw
  • Slim barrel
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Too lightweight for some

3. Viper Super Bee Soft Tip Darts, 16 Grams


The Super Bee is the perfect beginner dart for recreational players who want to learn how to throw well. The soft tip offers good distance with a very smooth flight and a forgiving feel.

It comes equipped with a nice, deep throat, and it makes a very attractive flight. It is a great choice for throwing around the house or on the backyard target board and will not disappoint.


It comes equipped with an aluminum micro shaft, and it has six bands of knurling to help keep it in your hand. The Super Bee also features a black barrel coating.

The Aluminum micro shafts are known for their light weight and durability, and the Super Bee comes equipped with them.


Quality materials like the super soft tip and the durable aluminum micro shaft make the Super Bee one of the most versatile darts out there.

Our Verdict

With the Super Bee, you get a quality dart that’s durable, lightweight, and has great flight. You can toss this dart around and know that it’s going to work.

If you’re looking for a dart that’s built to last and to provide great value, look no further than the Super Bee.

  • Aluminum shafts
  • Quality tip
  • Six banded knurls
  • Black barrel coating
  • Great value
  • The micro shaft does not grip well

4. Viper Ranger 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts


The Viper Ranger 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are made from high quality 80/20 tungsten barrels. It has a tighter grouping of shots and a much improved feeling.

It is designed with strategic knurling and grooves which enhances your control.


The darts are designed to provide consistency, the aerodynamic build is smooth, and you don’t need to worry about the flight paths and positioning.

This is the perfect dart for players who want to play consistently and achieve maximum accuracy.

It comes with a dart tool which is used to adjust the flights and shafts. There are 6 high speed slim flights and 9 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points.

The flights are designed to help you hit your targets more accurately and quickly.


Quality-wise, they are great. They are very durable, and they are fairly heavy.

Our Verdict

It is a great package for everyone who loves darts, you get 3 nylon shafts, a dart wrench, dart points, and 6 extra flights. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

  • Great package
  • Great feel
  • Good balance
  • Good barrel
  • Poor travel case

5. WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip (Budget Pick)

Overview of the product

This is an elegant and high-quality darts package that will allow you to keep your darts in great shape. It contains 24 flights with nice designs, 100 tips, and two tools.

With the wrench, you can tighten the shafts or soft tips in your darts. The darts package is made of quality materials. It is very attractive and durable and has a sleek design.

It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty!

I’m so happy with this product! I was looking for a way to play my darts in a way that would help me improve my game and this has done just that!


The Win.Max Plastic tip darts have been built for ease of use, durability, and style. A great combination of precision-engineered components for ease of use, the Win.Max plastic tip darts are built for you.

We put a lot of time into our darts. We work hard to give you high-quality, dependable darts. We also want you to have fun and enjoy your darts as much as we enjoy ours. So, we’re glad to offer you some pretty cool features that set these darts apart from the rest.

The knurl at the front and the ring at the back which is very deep-cut, make you release the dart very easily, it won’t stick to your hands when you throw it.

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These darts are designed using premium materials to ensure you’ll get a lifetime of performance. The darts are built to stand up to years of use and abuse, hence you get the long 10-year warranty.

Our Verdict

These are definitely one of the best darts we’ve come across. The design is great, the quality is excellent, and the price is incredibly competitive. There is no doubt that this is the best dart in its class.

  • Good bang for your buck
  • Quality design
  • Long warranty
  • Nicely weighted
  • The flights are a bit hard to get in

6. RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tip (Our Favorite)


Experience the best in recreational darts with this set from Red Dragon. The darts have been crafted from high-quality materials, making them strong and durable.

The flights feature a black finish, with the Red Dragon logo on the wings. The handles come in an orange and black color scheme.


This is a fantastic set for the beginner, intermediate, or pro player. The dart set is made from high quality tungsten steel, ideal for beginners or experienced players looking for a soft tip set.

They have a soft finish which is perfect for any throwing style and is easier to throw.


This premium quality, American-made tungsten darts will be a pleasure to throw, with a great feel, and a great flight.

Our Verdict

These darts are really a superb range of darts at an exceptional price. The design is right up there among the best in the business. This is a set that will certainly make a statement.

  • Underpriced
  • Attractive design
  • Tungsten steel soft tip darts
  • Flights are a bit brittle

7. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts


The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are the perfect darts for beginners! The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are lightweight and aerodynamic darts that provide consistent flight paths for pinpoint accuracy.


The darts feature a slim profile design with an attractive diamond cut aluminum barrel sleeve that allows for superior grip.

The barrels are nickel silver plated and feature grooves that help improve the grip. These darts are perfect for beginner players.

The rubber grip gives you a firm, non-slip grip on the barrel. This will ensure that your darts will always stay put while you are throwing them. This makes it much easier for you to perform accurate shots.


The Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are made with quality materials. These darts are lightweight and aerodynamic darts that are perfect for beginners.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for the best darts for beginners, you will want to buy some Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts.

  • Top notch quality
  • Budget option
  • Rubber grip
  • Diamond-cut aluminum shaft
  • Need tightening after a couple of throws

8. Wolftop Soft Tip Darts – Plastic Tip Set for Electronic Dart Board


These darts are designed for recreational and competitive players alike. No matter what level you are at, these darts will fit the bill. They feature 12-pack soft tip darts.

The tips are designed to be smooth and the darts are designed to be easy to throw. These darts can help you to improve your accuracy and speed.

You should be able to hit your target consistently with these darts.


The Aluminum shafts are very strong. This means that they won’t break easily. You shouldn’t worry about the darts breaking during play.

The gripping points are well thought of, so you get an excellent grip on these darts during your game.


With these darts, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or losing their original form. These darts are also durable. It will not be easy for someone to break them after repeated use. The grips of the darts are well designed.

Our Verdict

Overall, the quality of this product is decent. We think that the Aluminum shafts are durable. You may consider getting a few extra shafts to keep in your quiver. You should be able to hit your target consistently with these darts.

  • Inexpensive
  • Competitive
  • Easy To Throw
  • Durable
  • Shafts need tightening often
  • Not the strongest tips

9. CyeeLife 15 Packs Soft tip Darts Set – Plastic tip Darts for Electronic Dart Board


The CyeeLife soft tip darts are made of aluminum. These are perfect for beginners because they are very light. These darts are also easy to use because of their design.

This set includes 20 flights. This set also includes 15 barrels that can be replaced when they are damaged, it also comes with 16 extra flights.


It has a very lightweight design. This allows it to be used by beginners. This is a great entry-level soft tip dart set. Customer support is one of the best out there, so there’s a lot of value in that.

Not only are they good for beginners, but they’ll also be a source of enjoyment for intermediate players. So even when you’ve got the hang of the game you’ll still like them.

This dart set is a whole package, you get a dart tool on top of extra flights.


CyeeLife is known for providing quality and this dart set is no different. The materials used in the construction of the darts are high quality. The flights are made out of plastic and they have been treated with a special coating to increase their durability.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a dart set that is designed for newbies, then you might consider getting this set from CyeeLife.

  • Good quality
  • Cheap
  • 100 Extra tips
  • Great customer support
  • Flights are flimsy

10. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage


The Viper Diamond is a premium series of darts from Viper. The darts come in a case and are made of solid metal. They include a steel shaft with a tungsten core.

There are no plastic parts except the tip. They are easy to store. You can take them anywhere and they are suitable for all kinds of players.


The darts are well balanced and they won’t be too heavy. They can be held firmly in your hand. There won’t be any wobble so you can rule that out completely.

The shaft is made of a tungsten core and a steel shaft. The gripping points are well in place as you’d expect from this quality dart.

The travel case is worth the full price itself, it’s that good.


This is a quality dart. It is sturdy and well made. It is designed to last. Enough said!

Our Verdict

This one is for professionals without a doubt. The quality speaks for itself and it is one we highly recommend.

  • Premium quality
  • Great design
  • Sturdy
  • Great travel case
  • Not too many weight options

11. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts


This is one of the most popular darts on the market today. Many professionals and amateurs alike have fallen in love with this fantastic new model. It is so lightweight and easy to handle. These darts are for all those who love darts.

If you are looking for a good, dependable dart, this is a great option. It is a great choice for those who need a quality, reliable dart.

Say, you are someone who’s looking for something a little different from regular soft tip darts, don’t look beyond this dart.


The Wolfram Infinity 97% darts come with a Black/Red Midi Supergrip Fusion shaft. These darts are the ideal darts for all types of players.

If you are a beginner, you will be able to play with these darts and improve your game. If you are a pro, these darts will fit your hand like a glove.

This is because they are lightweight and very comfortable. They also perform excellently, flight-wise and in terms of staying true to their trajectory. It’s very well balanced.


This dart set exudes quality, it is made of premium materials. They are made to last, and they are very well-balanced.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a darts set that has excellent balance, quality, and comfort, you should buy this set. It doesn’t matter what level you are playing at. You will be able to play with these darts with ease.

  • Good balance
  • Very comfortable
  • Well designed darts
  • Superior quality
  • Plastic shaft

12. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts


Do you want a dart that will be easy to handle and provide you with an accurate shot? If yes, then this is the dart for you.

Viper Sinister 95% tungsten soft tip darts are ideal darts for any kind of darting. This is because they are lightweight and are made from high-quality material.


The barrel is smooth and provides excellent gripping points that enhance your control. The dart has a slim barrel which gives you an even flight path.

The shaft is aluminum which makes it easy to grip. The shaft is also extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

It includes 6 high speed flights. These flights increase your speed and decrease your drag.

It also includes 6 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points. These darts have been specially designed to provide pinpoint accuracy.


The quality of the darts is very high. If you buy darts from a reputable company, they are usually made of the finest materials. In fact, a lot of people will go out of their way to buy from a reliable manufacturer.

Viper gives you that reliability factor.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the best soft tip darts on the market, it’s hard to look past Viper Sinister darts. Viper Darts are high quality darts. They are not cheap, but they are worth the price.

  • Nicely weighted
  • The barrel fits your hand nicely
  • Quality material
  • Lacks a nice grip

13. Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 8Zero Titanium Soft Tip Darts

Overview of the product

The Phil Taylor Titanium Soft tip darts have a soft tip for better control, and an extra long shaft to provide greater accuracy. These darts are precision ringed grip darts with a black titanium nitride coating to enhance visibility.


The darts offer great power from the Phil Taylor Power 8 series and have been engineered to maximize accuracy, which means that this is the perfect dart for those wanting to improve their game.


They have used quality materials in the construction of the darts to ensure that they will last long.

Our Verdict

It is a decent enough dart if you’re looking to use it for recreation and even if you want to play competitively. These darts can be surprisingly good.

  • They look the part
  • Accurate
  • Easy to grip
  • Not as good as some others in the range
  • A bit heavy

14. Sanfeng Darts Plastic Tip Set


The Sanfeng plastic darts are uniquely designed for helping the dart stick to the electronic dartboard and reducing bounce-outs. It’s great for children and adults to enjoy the fun and excitement of the game of darts.


These are decent enough darts for recreational use. It is a whole package with extra tips, flights, and o’rings. The parts are all well-made and great for home use.


The darts are made of durable material which gives them a long lasting quality. Sanfeng darts are made with high quality aluminum and nylon materials. This darts set is durable and safe.

Our Verdict

These are decent darts if you’re on a budget, but for a few extra bucks, you can get a better soft tip dart set on the list.

  • Budget option
  • Decent quality
  • Good package
  • Not the best quality on the list

15. Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts


Another budget option on the list is a good enough soft tip dart for use at home with friends. 


The barrels are strong. Each barrel has knurled bands, grooves, and rings. They are designed to help you hold the darts firmly. The diamond-cut aluminum shafts have locking holes to keep them firm when you are playing.

They help the darts to fly straighter and to keep going straight. They also make the darts stronger and lighter.


Viper Black Magic Soft Tip Darts are made with high quality materials without a doubt. This makes them last longer.

Our Verdict

This is a very nice budget option, it has great quality and is perfectly suited for players who like to play for fun.

  • Nicely weighted
  • Good grip
  • Cheap
  • Flights could be thicker

Buying Guide

So how do you choose one for yourself? We’ll help you make up your mind. There are some factors that you can’t compromise on, then there are some that depend on individuals.

Let’s go over all of these factors one by one.


Now plastic tips break off easily, that’s a fact and you have to accept it. So make sure when you’re buying, the package comes with a lot of extra tips, that’s going to be a decisive factor.

However, tufflex tips are known to be stronger and that could really make a difference. Viper darts mostly have Tufflex tips.


Now the soft tip darts that you’re buying should go with your dartboard, that goes without saying. Almost all soft tip darts will go with electronic dartboards.

You could still double-check so that there are no hiccups.


Soft tip darts, in general, are considerably lighter than steel tip darts. So you’re gonna have to put a lot more power behind your darts, so you need to be prepared.

Most plastic tip darts are between 16-19 grams, now we personally like them on the higher side, at least 18-19 grams.

If you prefer lightweight darts, you could go for them, however, be ready to put a lot of force into throwing them.

Dart materials

Either you’ll get a Tungsten dart or a Brass dart. The Tungsten darts are recommended but they’re a bit expensive.

If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, you have to go with Tungsten darts.

Dart Barrels

The knurled barrels are the most common type of barrels and they’re easier as well. Beginners will find it extra helpful. The ringed barrels are along the same line as well.

Smooth barrels are for those who have sweaty hands, to make sure that the darts don’t stick to the hands at the point of throw.


For most people, the darts they use with their dart set are perfect. But for a few, it can be a little challenging to get the right balance between weight and accuracy.

If you’re one of those people, we have a tip for you. You could use thinner flights with lightweight darts and thick flights with heavy darts, it will create the right balance for your dart.


What’s the best weight for soft tip darts?

The weight of your darts will depend on your preference. The lighter the weight, the more power you’ll have to put behind your darts.

On the other hand, the heavier the weight, the more power control you have. There is no perfect weight for all darts.

However, most players will opt for 18g soft tip darts.

Are soft tip darts any good?

Soft tip darts are the best type of darts for beginners. They are very easy to throw and they are perfect for recreational players. They are also the least expensive type of darts.

Moreover, they’re very safe to use in a home environment.

Why do my soft tip darts bounce out?

There could be two reasons for that.

1. You’re throwing your darts at an angle, which is why it bounces out of the board. You should try hitting the board flatter, it could solve your problem.

2. The dartboard you’re using has been subjected to a lot of wear and tear and that is why your darts are not sticking.

Will soft tip darts damage my walls?

Why do you think that soft tip darts are good? Because they don’t damage the walls. That’s right! You don’t need to worry about whether they are damaging your walls.

Can soft tip darts be used on regular dartboards?

Yes, soft tip darts can be used on regular dartboards, they’re harmless to any type of dartboard.


So that’s that, we’ve tried to cover every topic regarding the subject. We want to make sure you get the best soft tip dart on the market and be as excited to see the package as we are to bring you this guide.

Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think and which one you chose for yourself.


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