Can You Lean Forward in Darts? (How much is good)

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You definitely can lean forward in darts, as long as your feet don’t go beyond the line or the oche. That’s what the rulebook says.

To clarify further, your upper body can even lean over the line as far as you’re comfortable, provided that your foot doesn’t cross the line.

We cover the whole subject in detail in this article, so stick around to know everything about it and beat your competition.

Can You Lean Over the Line in Darts?

The rules clearly state that the player is allowed to have their upper body past the throwing line, only if their feet are behind the crease or the oche.

There are no guidelines as to how your feet must be positioned, so it is up to you to experiment with what position you like to put your feet in, the rules are relaxed in this regard.

However, we recommend that you put your strong foot forward and throw with your strong hand.

For example, if you’re right-handed, you could lunge forward with your right foot, aim with your extended right hand, lean over the line slightly and keep the feet behind the edge of the line.

If you fail to keep your foot behind the line, you could get a warning before you get penalized.

Can your Foot be on the Line in Darts?

No, your foot can not be on the line if you are to register a shot, both your feet must be behind the front edge of the line, which is 7 feet and 9.25 inches away from the board horizontally.

How Much can you Lean Forward in Darts?

It is not so much a question of rules as it is of personal preference. Now, think about this, how much you want to lean is going to go a long way in deciding how your game turns out to be.

For example, let’s say you lean forward a fair distance, the question you’re going to ask yourself is, am I comfortable with this stance? Because you’re going to use this stance every time you throw. This is how your game develops.

That said, you have to pick the right amount of lean so that it gives you the right amount of leverage and is repeatable.

Trying to change your stance mid-game is never a good idea because muscle memory plays a huge part here, if you change your stance you could very likely get a wayward throw in.

Is Leaning Forward in Darts Fair?

As we have said before, leaning forward and even over the line is completely within the rules of darts. It is absolutely fair if your feet aren’t touching the throwing line.

You must always put your comfort first, instead of trying to gain false leverage.

Should you Lean over the Line in Darts?

Is leaning over the line absolutely necessary? In darts, it is a good idea to pick your stance and then stick to it. It is one of the most important parts of the game. Your stance will affect your accuracy.

The point is, you should only lean forward in darts if your stance allows it, don’t go to drastic lengths and change your stance altogether just to lean forward. It’s not worth it.

How Far Is the Throw Line in Darts?

The throw line is 7 ft. 9.25 (237cm) inches from the dartboard horizontally, and for soft tip darts, it becomes 8ft. This is the official oche distance or the throw distance in darts.

It is easy to lean too far forward in darts if you are not sure of your aim. Hence, it is better to stay balanced when you play darts. It is arguably one of the most important factors in the game.

Can You Stand on the Throw Line in Darts?

You can stand on the throw line, but it is risky business. Your foot cannot exceed the front edge of the tape or the oche or whatever marking you’re using.

So, if you’re using a laser oche, it’s best to stay behind the laser line completely as it’s very thin and there’s every chance that you’ll overstep.

On the other hand, if you’re using a thick marking, you may actually stand on the throw line, again, as long as you don’t step past the front edge. 

Is There an Actual Benefit to Leaning Over the Throw Line?

If you’re really tall you may be wondering if you could decrease the distance of your throw by leaning forward quite a bit. But that’s not the case. The more you lean forward, the more you’re compromising your balance.

Now any dart player will confirm that balance is key to accuracy. So, when you’re throwing darts, it’s important to focus on your balance.

If you can keep your balance while you are standing on the throw line, you will be able to throw the dart at a higher level. When you are standing on the throw line, you should stand up straight.

Does Leaning Over The Line Give You An Advantage?

It may seem like that on paper, but that’s not true. As we’ve discussed before, it will only disturb your balance and result in a bad throw if you’re trying to overdo it.

However, a natural amount of leaning will give you a better shape to aim at the board, so you’ve got to find the balance and not read too much into shortening the throw distance.

Is It A Good Idea To Lean Forward in Darts?

It is a good idea to lean forward in darts, ONLY if it helps your stance and increases your balance. We cannot say that enough.

In a nutshell, leaning forward should only help your stance and it should not be done for shortening the throwing distance.


Should you lean when throwing darts?

Lean as much as you find comfortable, do not overdo it, since it can impair your balance, resulting in a poor throw. 

There is no limit to the amount of leaning that you should do, but it should be done only when you are practicing your throws.

Can you lean over foot line in darts?

It is legal to lean over the line in darts, so long as your feet stay behind the oche or the throw line.

Can you jump forward in darts?

Again, you need to think in terms of what improves your balance and what does the opposite—jumping forward while throwing will negatively affect your balance and eventually your throw.

So, the question here isn’t if you can, but if you should.

Why do dart players stand sideways?

This practice improves the aim of a dart player. This is what coaches tell beginner-level dart players as well. It increases your accuracy and gives you a better chance of hitting your target.

How far do you stand back in darts?

The oche is 237cm away from the dartboard as we know, and the player’s foot must be behind the line, so that makes it about the same distance for the dart player to stand from the board.

Can you move your feet in darts?

The feet can move sideways, it is perfectly fine. However, you shouldn’t move your feet beyond the oche or else the shot counts for nothing.


Our article was quite comprehensive in its entirety. It included all the information needed to make you a better dart player.

Summing up, you are only allowed to lean forward in darts if your feet are behind the crease or the oche. You need to practice these movements until you’re able to get them right. Remember, if you aren’t consistent in your technique, you could be penalized.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this guide. We are confident that you’ve learned a great deal. You can continue to improve your game. It would be wise to apply everything you’ve learned. The more you know, the more you’ll understand the game of darts.

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