Can You Paint a Dartboard? (Detailed Answer)

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The impact of darts causes your dartboard to be worn down. Can you paint a dartboard if you want to fix it up or use it for another use?

Yes, you can the first thing you need to do to determine the proper materials for your dartboard is to figure out what material the dartboard is made of. Once you know what type of material it is, then you will want to pick the correct paint.

To fix a worn-down dartboard, you will first have to make sure you have the right materials. After you know what material the dartboard is made out of, then you will want to find the correct paint.

You don’t want to get the wrong kind of paint because it will ruin your dartboard. It’s important that you have the right kind of paint.

Preparing The Right Materials 

Before you can paint your dartboard, you have to prepare the right materials to start painting your dartboard.

Before you get to work, it is a good idea to make sure the material is the correct one. You should be very careful when selecting the colors and brushes for the procedure. It’s time to choose the right paints once you have figured out your board’s build properties.

If you are going to use a brush to apply paint on your dartboard, you should use the right size. As for the paint Acrylic latex is the best type to use for painting your dartboard. Acrylic latex paint is a water-based paint that is known as one of the best quality latex paint.

That does not mean that you should use latex paints for all types of dartboards. The type of paint depends on the build material of the dartboard.

Choosing The Right Place to Get to Work

You can use a large box because when you are using a box, you are creating a boundary around the area you’re working in. Once that boundary is in place, you can work without having to worry about getting the paint all over your new shoes or the surface of your house.

It is preferable to do it outdoors or in your garage because that way you are avoiding making a mess at your house.

If you are doing it in the house you can do it by putting an old piece of cloth or a newspaper below your dartboard because it will save you from getting splashes of paint on your floor.

Types of Dartboards

There are different types of dartboards and by type, I mean in their build material. You have to consider their build material before you paint them, you can’t just paint them with acrylic paint.

Classic Cork Dartboards

Cork is a very porous material and most paint will harden the surface. You can use acrylic, latex, and oil paints, but you will have to use a primer beforehand. Not only will you want to preserve the original surface and texture but you will also want darts to clear the surface.

Acrylic latex paints are the best choice for Classic Cork Dartboards. Cork is a porous material and paint can harden its surface. So before applying paint you will have to use a primer that will preserve its original state.

If you don’t use a primer then the paint will harden the surface of the board that and the darts will end up bouncing off the board. Acrylic latex paint and spray paints are suitable for Corkboards.

You will no longer need to use a primer if you use food color and clothing dyes. Now what you have to do is take all your painting supplies and get ready to work. 

Wooden Dartboards

For wooden dartboards applying primer on the surface is a must as the paint is going to harden the surface. The acrylic latex paint will harden the surface of the board if you don’t prime the surface beforehand.

When you apply the primer, it depends on how much texture you want on your board, the more texture you want the more sweeping coats you’ll have to apply with little sand between each layer.

Plastic Dartboards

Among all types of dartboards plastic dartboards is the easiest one to paint. Spray paints are best suited for plastic dartboards but, it doesn’t mean you can’t use latex paints. If you are going to use latex paints then you will have to use a narrow paintbrush with a fine tip.

Before painting make sure to cover the holes otherwise you will end up clogging the holes. Painting the board with acrylic latex paint will take longer as compared to spray paints because will have to do it with a brush.

The brush has to be thin with a fine tip and you will have to pay attention to the details while painting it.

Bristle Dartboards

If you are going to paint the dartboards, you can use the food colors and clothing dyes. The cork boards get hardened if you use latex or oil paints, so why not use a primer on these boards?

Food and clothing dyes are the best options because they are long-lasting and primer doesn’t work on the bristle dartboards.


There are many types of dartboards available and they are all different in their surface and material. You have to consider the surface and material of the dartboards before you paint them.

You have to use a primer if you are going to paint the board with acrylic latex paint. Acrylic latex paint is the best option for Cork Dartboards.

If you are going to paint the board with food and clothing dyes, you can use it for the bristle dartboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you refurbish a dartboard?

With constant use of dartboard made of sisal fiber starts to get hard so to restore it to its previous state what you have to do is you have to damp the towel. Now wrap the dartboard with the damp towel and set it aside overnight. The next day will notice that the dartboard has become softer.

How do you freshen a dart board?

To freshen up the dartboard you can start by rotating the board at least once or twice a month to extend its life. Take a soft cloth and soak it in water, and squeeze it to remove excess water. Now use that cloth to clean the surface of the dartboard and keep repeating this process for several minutes at regular intervals.

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