Can You Put Steel Tips on Soft Tip Darts (How to Guide)

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The problem with soft tip darts is that the tip sometimes gets bent after shooting for some time. This bending makes the tip dull. After a while, you need to take the tip off and reattach the new tip. The process may be painful.

It begs the question, can you put steel tips on soft tip darts? The straight answer is yes, you CAN put steel tips on soft tip darts. This is done by removing the plastic tip from the dart and placing the steel tip on it.

However, there are a few things you need to look at before you convert your soft tip darts to steel tip darts. So let’s get into it.

How to Attach Steel Tips on Soft Tip Darts

It is not that big of a deal, you’ll only need two things.

1. A conversion kit

2. The o-ring

You’ll want to buy a conversion kit that will simply screw onto the end of your dart shaft and you’re basically done. The o-ring is optional, but we highly recommend that you get the o-ring too.

What happens is that every time you throw your dart, the conversion kit unscrews slightly and you’ll need to pick it up and tighten it before you can throw it again.

To save you the trouble, we ask you to put the o-ring on your dart. It’ll take care of this problem.

Pros and Cons of Converting the Tips


1. Soft tipped darts are great if you are hitting a target that is further away than 10 yards. The reason is that soft-tipped darts travel so much faster.

But, if you are hitting a target that is closer than 10 yards you will want to use steel-tipped darts. Steel tipped darts are more accurate and will stay on your target longer.

2. One of the reasons you need to put steel tips on your darts is that, if you’re like me, you use them far too much and your hand becomes sore.

If you practice holding a dart for extended periods, your hand can get really sore. So when I’m practicing, I always switch to steel tips. They are better for your hand. The steel tips don’t slip off as easily as soft tips do, which makes them a lot easier to hold.

3. Steel-tipped darts are very accurate and will stay on your target much longer. In fact, you can aim at your target as long as you want without losing your target.


There are some cons to using steel tips on soft darts, but the pros outweigh the cons.

1. First of all, steel tips are more expensive than plastic tips, so you’ll have to save up. But they also last longer. The problem with plastic tips is that they eventually wear out.

2. The other con to using steel tips is that they are heavier than plastic tips. This can be a problem if you are using a dartboard that has a heavy base.

3. Another con is that the weight of the tip can make it difficult to throw the dart. You might find that your dart is not flying straight.

Difference Between Steel Tip Darts and Soft Tip Darts

There are many differences between steel tip darts and soft tip darts. Steel tip darts are very high-quality darts that are considered to be one of the best darting tools available.

These darts are made of special steel that helps in creating a smoother flight of the dart. The flights of these darts are usually between 24mm and 26mm long.

Whereas, soft tip darts are very useful for beginners who are new to darting and just starting out. The flight of these darts usually comes between 12mm and 15mm.

In fact, they are used as entry-level darts.

The tip of these darts is made of soft plastic that is soft to the touch. These darts are generally used in the beginners’ range of darting.

However, both these darts are made of the same material. They both have a similar design. The difference lies in the type of material used in making the tip.

Can You Use Soft Tip Darts on a Regular Board

Yes, you can use soft tip darts on regular or bristle dartboards because of the fact that they have a rubber tip that is soft and not hard like a metal tip. They are more flexible and you can use them on a regular dartboard.

However, they do not work well on a dartboard with a very thin plastic coating because they will scratch it and the plastic coating will start to flake off.

Soft Tip Darts Distance

You should be 8 feet away from the dart board to throw a soft tip dart. This is because the soft tip darts fly at a slower speed than the steel tip darts.

Can You Use Steel Tip Darts on Electronic Dart Board

Yes, you can, but only if the electronic dartboard has a bristle tech surface.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to clean the bristle tech surface every so often, especially if you are using a lot of darts.


Here’s the hard truth. It costs you less money to buy steel tip darts than soft tip darts. When you buy steel tip darts, you get steel tip darts, which are more powerful than soft tip darts. If you’re trying to save money, buy steel tip darts. If you’re not, buy soft tip darts.

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