What is the Heaviest Dart you can get? (You’ll be surprised)

Probably the biggest thing that you can experiment with, in the game of darts is the weight of your darts. The whole dynamics change with variation in weight.

One might wonder what is the upper limit of darts’ weight. Well, the heaviest steel tip dart you can get is around 50g.

The heaviest dart we’ve picked for you is Red Dragon Bunker 48-gram, which is also completely legal. This steel-tipped beast is as heavy as they come. However, it is not advisable for most dart players.

On the other hand, the heaviest soft tip dart only weighs around 20g.

Professional dart players won’t opt for darts over 30g, and for a reason. The optimum weight is somewhere between 22-26g, giving you the highest control over your throw.

To know more on the subject, you may want to read on.

Why is Dart Weight Important?

The weight of darts plays a very important role in determining the speed and the flight of the dart. The more weight your dart has, the less force it needs behind it.

A heavier dart means that you will be able to throw with more power. If you want to increase your throwing power, you will need to learn how to throw darts with more weight.

Furthermore, heavier darts tend to travel with a much flatter trajectory, meaning that you will have to adjust your throw with varying weights. Basically, the whole technique will need a little tweaking.

What makes up a Dart’s Weight?

According to liveabout.com, the major contributor to a dart’s weight is the alloy it’s made of, which is mostly Tungsten. Brass is another alloy that’s used in the production of darts, and it’s cheap as well.

However, the most popular alloy is Tungsten and it is a very dense alloy. The other parts combined will only make up less than 5% of a dart’s weight at max.

What is the Most Common Dart Weight?

There are many professional dart players that prefer heavier darts. In fact, some professional darts players use darts that weigh as much as 50 grams. That’s almost two ounces!

However, most players prefer around 25g darts and when I say most players, I mean most players. 

The most common darts weight used by most players is 24 grams. A normal-sized dart should weigh between 25 and 30 grams. That’s about one ounce.

Most people think that they’re better with lighter darts, but they aren’t. They can be just as accurate and hit the target just as fast if they use a heavier dart.

Best Dart Weight for Beginners

The weight of the dart you use to throw determines how the dart will perform. It is very important that you know your own ability when it comes to throwing darts.

The average beginner will normally start with a 21g dart and should aim to increase the weight slowly as they gain more experience.

It’s all about finding what you’re comfortable with.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post on the heaviest darts you can actually buy. You can use darts with weights up to 50 grams at max.

Most beginners will aim for weight of around 25 grams though. For example, you should start with a lighter dart than what you would normally use.


Are heavier darts more accurate?

Accuracy is one of the things you should consider when you are buying darts. To have more accuracy, yes, you should use a dart with a weight that is on the higher side.

You should aim for darts with a minimum weight of 25 grams. Darts with a lower weight than that tend to fly less straight.

Which dart player has the heaviest darts?

Ryan Searle uses a 32g dart, and that is very rare for pro players. Most professional players prefer their darts to be under 30g.

Are 24g darts too heavy?

Some people argue that lighter darts are better than heavier ones. But, the opposite is true. The heavier darts are more accurate and can make sure that you hit the bullseye.

So, the answer is no, 24g darts are a bit on the lighter side, you’d want to use a 25g dart, at least as a beginner.

What weight darts do the pros use?

The weight of darts varies from 24 to 32g. For beginners, the 25g dart is probably a better choice. Professionals may use up to 30g darts.

The best way to know which dart is best for you is to take a look at the different weights and decide what works best for you. The lighter darts are harder to control and are less accurate.

However, they are good for beginners who aren’t very experienced.

What is the heaviest soft tip dart?

The heaviest soft tip darts will only be about 20g at max. Soft tip darts are generally much lighter than steel tip darts.

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