How do you Play Gotcha in Darts

There are a lot of popular games in darts and Gotcha isn’t one of them but it is fun to play once you get used to it. The rules of this game are straightforward and easy to learn, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing this game for the first time you will still learn how to play this game after a round or two.

Gotcha darts is a regular darts game but in reverse order and the best thing about this game is that it gives you the choice to choose the length and level of difficulty of this game depending on the skill level of the players available.

It is a simple dart game in reverse order with a fun twist.

Rules of Gotcha! Dart Game

Now let us dive into the rules of this game. 

Number of Players

In most of the games, the players are limited but that’s not the case with Gotcha darts because two or more players can play this game there is no specific limit of players in this game.

How to Play

In Gotcha darts, the first thing you have to do is decide what should be the total that you have to get to in order to win the game but without going over it. The score can be any number it can be 301 or 501 like the regular darts game or it can be 200 or 400 whatever suits you well.

After you have chosen the goal you can start the game. just like any other dart, each player is given 3 darts in every turn and the player has to score as many points as they can in order to reach the predetermined score.

This game is a lot like the traditional darts game but with 2 major twists, one is that doubles are not required on the last shot to win. The second is that it is possible to reduce other players’ scores to zero.

In order to reduce the other player’s score to zero you have to get your score equal to the opponent’s score. These rules make this game really fun and give the losing player a chance to win the game.

This reducing score rule makes it very hard to win because once a player’s score is reduced to 0 it makes it very hard for that player to catch up. To win the game you have to get to the predetermined score without going over it.

If a player goes over the decided score the score of that player will be reset to what it was at the beginning of that turn. These 2 major differences make this game fun and interesting. 


Overall it is fun to play this game and I would recommend it. It is easy to learn and simple enough to enjoy even if you have never played darts before. I think people who enjoy darts would like this game, especially if they are good at darts.

The 2 major differences in this game make it more interesting and fun. If you are a darts lover you will definitely love this game.

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