How to Clean a Cork Dart Board (4 Simple Ways)

With the right tools, you can clean your cork dartboard with ease! You have to adapt and figure out what works best for you and your situation. That’s why we created this handy guide to help you get started.

Cork is a natural material and you’ll want to know how to clean your cork dartboard if you are planning on using it for your dart games. Cork is a very durable material that will take a lot of wear and tear.

Most of the cork dartboard manufacturers suggest cleaning the board once every couple of months but if you are getting a lot of use out of it, you’ll want to clean it at least once a week to keep the board in great shape.

How to Clean a Cork Dart Board

To clean a cork dartboard, you need to remove all the dust and dirt from the surface of the board. If you do a spot check of the board you will notice that the majority of the spots look the same, with some areas having a darker color than others.

The key to cleaning the cork dartboard is to focus on cleaning the darker spots on the board first. Once the board looks clean, you can move on to the brighter spots.

You don’t need to clean it all the time, but you do want to wipe it off every couple of weeks. Use a soft cloth with mild soap. The soap doesn’t need to be particularly strong—just something that will loosen and lift any gunk off the board. Avoid using a rag, which could scratch the wood surface.

Cleaning it With a Damp Cloth

To clean a cork dartboard, you must soak it in water mixed with a little vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Wipe off the excess liquid with a soft, dry towel. Use a dry paper towel for wiping off any sticky spots. Now you’re ready to start using your new board!

Cleaning it Using a Vacuum Cleaner

This is a fun one. The premise is simple: When the vacuum is sucking up all of the dust particles on the surface of the cork dartboard but make sure to use a low-pressure vacuum, it leaves a vacuum imprint in the dust, creating a “shadow” image.

This shadow is a visual cue that lets you know you’re getting close to cleaning off all of the particles. When that happens, you simply pull the vacuum cleaner’s lever down and away from the board and watch the vacuum work its magic. There’s no special skill required. You just need a good vacuum and a large surface.

After you are done cleaning the board. Now, take a dry cloth and clean the surface to wipe down the remaining dust particles.

Cleaning it Using a Wood Polish

Before beginning, remove all pieces of paper from the board. Then, apply a coat of wood polish to the entire surface. Wait five minutes and wipe off any excess. After applying the liquid polish keep it in the sunlight for a day to dry.

It is important because over time the cork dartboard loses its moisture and elasticity the wood polish will help it regain its moisture and springiness.

Cleaning it Using a Toothpaste

It may seem silly to clean a dartboard using toothpaste, but the science behind this is pretty interesting. There are two main reasons why this might work: One is that toothpaste removes odors very well, because of its antibacterial properties.

But the second reason is that the chalk dust on a dartboard often has particles of food stuck to it. After using toothpaste, the chalk dust is removed, Place the damp cloth on top of the dartboard and leave it there overnight.


In conclusion, It’s no longer necessary to buy expensive equipment to remove a stain from cork. With a few basic household ingredients, you can easily clean almost any cork dartboard.

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