How to Get Double in Darts? (Learn All About Doubles)

If you have ever watched a darts match you probably have noticed that teams sometimes throw doubles. Doubles are thrown when a player throws the dart and it hits the outer ring of the dartboard to gain double points.

It is similar to baseball a home run is a game changer because the extra points make a huge difference in the end score. Similarly, a double in darts is a game changer because the extra darts can be the difference between winning and losing.

In darts, a player tries to hit the double on 20 because that’s worth the most on the board except the bullseye. If you hit doubles on 20 it can make a huge difference in your game. 

Rules of dart Game

The game of darts is simple and very easy to understand for anyone but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to score right away without practicing. The game starts with either 501 or 301 points given to each player and whoever reaches 0 first wins the game.

Scoring System

As you know the players will be starting from 501 or 301 points given to each player and the board has numbers from 1 to 20. Each player is allowed to throw 3 darts in their turn and the number you hit in your turn will be subtracted from the total score.

Doubles and Triples in Darts

You might have noticed the rings on the dartboard the are 3 rings on the dartboard the outer ring on the board is called the double, the inner ring is called the triple, and there is one more ring around the bullseye that is called the outer ring of bullseye.

If you hit a double of any number it means double the score you hit and similarly, if you hit a triple it means triple the score you hit. The players usually go for the double on 20 because that’s the highest number on the board except for the bullseye but the bullseye is hard to hit that’s why they go for the 20. The player who reaches 0 first wins the game.

Double darts practice

What is a Double in Darts?

Darts became a popular game in the 19th century. Darts are now being played in pubs and bars all over the world. It has become an important part of a man cave because it is very popular among the boys.

Anyone can play darts with a little bit of practice but like all other games, darts have a certain set of rules to follow. There are many people who want to know what is a double in darts? A double is a very important part of darts because it doubles up your points.

A double is the outer ring of the dartboard and it has a very heavy impact on your score. If you hit a lot of doubles it can drastically improve your score and lead you to win the game.

Tips To Get A Double

If you can’t hit doubles every time then it means that you need more practice in mastering your technique. There are some tips to improve your skills.

Practice Regularly

The best way to improve hitting doubles is to practice regularly. You can practice whenever you have time. However, you need to make sure that you have enough time to practice. Practice 2 – 3 hours every day and if you do that you will start to see improvement in your shots.

Try new styles and shots

You need to try different styles of darts and shots. It may be a little difficult at first, but it will eventually become easy for you if you keep at it.

Get to know your board

It is also a good idea to get to know your board. You will be able to improve your accuracy when you are familiar with your board.

Give Yourself a Challenge

When you are trying to improve your performance, it is important to have a good attitude. Make a promise to yourself that you will try hard and you will be successful. If you make a promise to yourself, you will have the desire and motivation to do what you have to do to achieve your goal.

To achieve a certain goal you need some kind of motivation to do that and what would be better motivation than entering some kind of tournament or a friendly match with a friend who is a better player than you?

Playing with a player who is better than you is the best way to improve your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the double in darts?

In darts, the outer ring on the dartboard is considered a double. If you hit a dart on the outer ring against any number it would mean the double score of that number.

Which ring is double in darts?

The outer ring of the board is considered double, and the inner ring is called triple.


The double is an important part of the darts game and it is the best way to gain more scores. The double is the outer ring of the board, you should practice hard to hit the doubles because it can help you win the game.

There is no doubt that practice and training are the main ways for improving your game, but it is not the only way. One of the most effective methods is playing against a player who is better than you. This kind of match will help you improve and train your skills in order to become an excellent player.

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