How to Get Rid of Dart Holes in Wall (All you need to know)

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Darts is a very popular game and due to that popularity, it has become an important part of a man cave. Most students and young boys have dartboards in their dorms, hostels, and homes to play with their friends.

When you have a dartboard at your house and you are a darts lover then there is always a risk of darts missing the board and hitting the wall or the door directly. If you are thinking of getting a dartboard for yourself or getting it for someone in your house then you should expect a few holes in your wall or in your door.

There are a few ways to fix those holes. If you are looking for a way to fix dart holes in your wall then wall putty is the most effective way and if you are looking for a way to fix the holes in your door then wood putty is the best way to go with.

These two are the easiest ways to cover or fix the dart holes that you can do yourself. 

How to Repair Dart Holes in Walls and Doors

If you have a dartboard in your house, there are likely to be dart holes. The dartboards are usually mounted on a wall or door of your room, so the darts missing the board and hitting the wall or door is expected.

We have stated a few ways to fix or cover up the dart holes that you can use.

Using Wall Putty

Wall putty is one of the best ideas to cover up holes on your wall but before this, you should complete the equipment that you need to get started. The equipment includes a container, a wall paint brush, a spatula, a plastic knife, sanding paper, and water.

The first thing you need to do when you are out at the store getting all the things for repair is picking the right color that matches your wall. It is important that you pick the right color to get the finish with the same color as your wall.

Wall Putty is a special type of putty that comes in many different colors and designs. You can use it as a general repair putty for minor holes and scratches in walls. It has very strong adhesive properties that make it a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts who are looking to quickly fill and repair minor cracks and holes in their walls.

You will need to get some of this putty when you are going to fix or fill up the hole. When you get some, mix it together with some water and some white glue to make a nice paste and apply it in the hole and wait for it to dry out completely. When it dries, you can sand the hole to smooth it out and make it look like new again.

The advantage of using this putty is that it is cheap and it is easy to get. If you want to fill the hole or the scratch but don’t want to spend too much money, this is the right putty for you.

Wood Putty for Doors

If your dartboard is hung on a door then you are a person who is dealing with dart holes in your door. There is no need to worry about that because just like the walls there is a way to repair holes in your door.

Just like wall putty can be used to fill holes in your walls, wood putty can be used to fill holes in your door and make it look good as new. Wood putty can not only fix holes but also scratches and chips.

Before we get started there are certain tools you need and things include wood putty, a piece of cloth, sandpaper, a putty knife, and polyurethane sealer. After you get all of those then you are ready to get started.

The first step for repairing your door holes is to take the door off the hinges to make it easier to work with. After the door is down get it ready for you to start working on it.

Now after the door is down remove if there are any loose chunks or paint and clear all the dirt and dust from your door. 

Wood putty is one of the best ways to cover or fix holes in your doors. In order to fix the holes, you only need to use wood putty to fill up the hole and it will not take more than 10-15 minutes.

You can purchase this wood putty from any hardware store and it comes in a small tube. The wood putty has a consistency like the modeling clay. It can easily be shaped and molded to make the hole as close as you want it. All you need to do is mold the wood putty on the spot where the dart hole is, let it dry and it will hold the hole in place.

After it is completely dried you should sand down the area to make it look smooth. The repair will look unnoticeable but there will only be a little difference in its smoothness.

Repairing Dart Holes in Hollow Doors

The process of repairing the dart holes in hollow doors is slightly different. The first few steps are the same like first take the door off the hinges and remove all the loose edges. After that clean the door if there is any dust and then we start the repair process.

From here the process is a little different you need to apply some nonexpanding foam spray into the hole. After spraying the whole make sure to completely let it dry this foam will create a solid base for the wood putty.

After it is completely dried remove a thin layer of foam with a knife. After that apply a small amount of wood putty to fill the hole. Make sure you fill the hole completely with wood putty and let dry completely.

After that sand down the wood putty applied on the door to bring it to the level of the door. Lastly, clean the surface of the door with a piece of cloth. Paint the door to match it with the rest of the door.

Different Ways to Protect Your Wall

If you are a regular darts player and don’t want to keep filling holes every time you hit the door with darts then there are a few other ways to solve this issue. We have described a few options that you can use.

Dartboard Cabinet

The dartboard cabinet is one of the most effective options to keep your wall safe from stray darts. Dartboard cabinets not only protect your wall but keeps your dartboard in a safe space.

The cabinet gives a cool look to your wall and provides storage space for your darts. It can protect some of the most common places where the darts can hit if you miss the board.

Dartboard Surround

Dartboard surround is also another great idea to protect your wall from stray darts. The dartboard surround is a ring made of foam that covers the wall around the board and protects it from stray darts.

The dartboard surround comes in different sizes, you should get the one that fits your need. Thickness is also an important factor so you should keep that in mind too when getting one for yourself.


The dartboard is something everyone has and it is also something that they love. There are many types of dartboards and you can buy these in the market. The problem is that sometimes the dart misses the board and hits the wall or door making holes.

There are certain things you can do to solve this issue. You can use wall putty to fix holes in your wall and you can use wood putty to fix holes in your door.

There are also ways to protect your wall like you can use dartboard cabinets, dartboard surround, and use a corkboard behind the dartboard.

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