How to Hang a Dartboard on a Door (No Drilling Required)

If you’ve ever tried hanging a dartboard on a door, you’ve probably found that it can be tricky. Most people assume that they can just hammer a nail into their door and then hang the dartboard on it.

However, this is not the case. If you want to get the best experience of playing darts then you have to take proper measurements and follow the procedure to hang the dartboard on your door.

There is another thing you need to consider and that is the material your door is made of in order to know what you are going to need to hang the board on your door.

Door hangers are commonly used for hanging dartboards on doors, but they can also be used for other things like walls and furniture. They come in different materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal, and you can purchase them from online retailers.

Check The Room and Its Door

The first step to hanging a dartboard on your door is to check the room where you plan to hang the dartboard. This is important because you need to know the surrounding of the room is suitable for you to play darts.

You can do this by measuring the length and width of the room, or you can use a tape measure to measure the room. Once you have measured the room, write down the measurements on a piece of paper.

You will also need to know the height of the door. You can measure this with a tape measure or you can use a wall-mounted level to measure the door height. If you don’t have a level, you can use a ruler to measure the door height. You have to know the exact dimensions of the door.

Take Measurements

You need to set up the dartboard correctly. Start with the measurements, and then configure the dartboard to fit within the space you have available.

If you are playing darts, you should measure the distance from the floor to the center of the bull’s eye and it should be 5ft. 8inches. If you have a dartboard that is not set up properly, you should adjust it so that the dartboard is centered.

This is where you want the darts to hit the dartboard, not off to the side or on top of the board. Once you have measured and set the board up, you should configure the dartboard so that it is clear around the board length and width wise.

You need enough space to play between yourself and the board. It should be around 7ft – 8ft should be enough.

Difference Between Solid and Hollow Doors

Dartboards need a solid base to rest on, so it’s important to pick a good door to make sure it will support your dartboard. If you choose a hollow door, you’ll need to fill it with something to secure the dartboard. A cheap dartboard can be secured with duct tape, but you’ll want to find something better suited for a high-quality dartboard.

The door’s material and strength are important factors to consider. If the door is a weak, flimsy material, you’ll have to make sure it is strong enough to withstand a nail or screw going through it.

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Hollow Door Considerations

If you have a heavier, thicker door, like a solid wood door, you might be able to use a direct mount. You will need to decide what type of reinforcement you need and how to achieve it.

The most common type of wood used for picture frames is pine, which is soft and not as durable as hardwoods like oak. Oak is a popular choice because it’s strong and can be cut with an electric saw, making it easy to mount with a standard hanging kit.

However, if you choose oak, you may want to consider a non-standard frame. Liquid Nails is a good adhesive for mounting the wood, but it has a strong smell and is not very flexible.

How to Strengthen up a Hollow Door

It’s important to reinforce a hollow door because if the door is weak and flimsy, you don’t want it to break open in the middle of the night.

A hollow door can be a real pain if you want to move it. But, you can fix this problem by reinforcing the door with plywood or cardboard.

I’ve seen this done before. It’s a great idea, but I don’t know if it’s really worth the effort. If you’re going to use something like this, I’d suggest using a different material.

You could use wood screws or nails, but I think it would be easier to use liquid nails, which are stronger than regular nails. They also have a longer lifespan and they won’t rot. Then in the end affix the backed dartboard to your door.

Hanging Kit to Hang Dartboard on Your Door

Dartboard manufacturers have many different hanging kits and options available to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are the U bracket, the wood hanging kit, and the acrylic hanging kit. All of these are suitable for the home or studio. They are also suitable for outdoor use if you prefer.

Most dartboard manufacturers provide the tools to hang your dartboard. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, check out the adjustable brackets that come with the dartboard. These brackets can be adjusted to fit any door width.

I recommend using a hanging kit or purchasing a wall mount from your local hardware store. Hanging kits are very easy to install. You don’t need to be an expert woodworker, but a few minutes with a router and a jig should do the trick. Hanging kits also come with instructions, so you don’t have to worry about that part.

Use Hollow Door Anchors

A common problem for people who want to hang dartboards or frames on their walls is that they have to buy a special bracket that they then have to drill holes in the wall.

This isn’t a good idea because it can weaken the wall and leave a hole in it. There is an easier way to hang pictures and it’s called a hollow anchor.

I have found that a hollow door anchor that works better than others because it is easier to install. It’s also very convenient because that comes with the necessary hardware that you need to hang the dartboard on your door.

I like using a tiny key to open the anchor. It’s a great way to make sure the brackets are spread out enough to lock securely into the door.

Use Command Strips

Command strips are an excellent option for securing your dartboard on a door and dartboards to walls. You can get them at any home improvement store or even online.

I’ve had a few clients who wanted to hang a picture on their wall without drilling holes. Command strips are an excellent solution.

If you have never used command strips before, you will be amazed at how easy it is to apply them.

Command strips come in two varieties, a light-duty, and a heavy-duty. The heavy-duty ones are great for hanging things on, whereas the light-duty ones are good for hanging pictures on. They come in various sizes and lengths, so you can find the one that suits you.

I recommend using strips of 3M brand and it can be used on any kind of surface. They are great for holding up the dartboard, but they also work on walls, doors, and cabinets. You can even use them to hold up your favorite painting or sketch.

First, you will need to peel the protective tab off of each strip. You are going to need 4 pairs of strips. Next, place the first piece of tape on the back of the board, and orientate it vertically and horizontally. Press and hold it for 30 seconds.

Place the board so that it is leaning against the door, then lift it up until it’s about Carefully remove the other tabs and place them on top of the first one that you marked. Press the board onto the door for a full half second and let it sit undisturbed for an hour.

Use Liquid Nails

The liquid nails are great if you want to use them for smaller projects. They have a strong hold and do not smudge.

You can use it to hang the board on your door or on the wall. I am using this, and it seems to work fine for me. The best thing I’ve found about this is that it is easy to find darts, and it’s fairly inexpensive. I would recommend a heavy-duty frame because darts tend to be very heavy and not easily moveable.

If you are going to use it to hand a dartboard then you will have to wait at least 24 hours before hanging a dartboard.


There are many ways to hang a dartboard on your door. You can use nails, screws, hinges, brackets, and even command strips. It all depends on your preference and what you have available.

Further, you should take into account the type of door that you have and the thickness of the door. I hope this article helps you to choose the right option for hanging a dartboard on your door.

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