How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall?

In this article, I will show you how to hang a dartboard without fixing it to a wall. And not just any dartboard, but a real-size dartboard! This is something that I wanted to share with you for quite some time now but, never found the right solution. I will share with you my findings, and I will show you step by step how to hang a real-size dartboard without having to fix it on a wall. So let’s get started.

How to Hang a Dartboard Without Fixing it to a Wall

There are multiple options to hang a dartboard that does not include a wall and some of those options are:

  • Freestanding frame
  • Portable dartboard
  • Freestanding stand
  • Freestanding dartboard cabinet
  • Hanging it on a door

Freestanding frame

We hung a dartboard in our home office. We didn’t want to drill holes in the walls because it messes up the wall and we wanted it to be portable. There are many ways to hang a dartboard, but we chose to put it up on a freestanding frame. It took about five minutes to install and is completely portable. You can easily transport the hanging unit anywhere you need a dartboard. 

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Portable dartboard

This particular dartboard doesn’t just look good; it also plays nice with the environment too. It comes in a handy carrying case, which makes the whole thing very easy to travel with. With a convenient carry handle, it’s super easy to haul this dartboard around.

If you’re looking for a dartboard that looks sharp but isn’t too bulky, this is a smart choice. The Unicorn On Tour Portable Dartboard features a unique design that allows you to hang the dartboard from a belt loop, backpack, or even car visor.

Freestanding stand

While you may prefer to hang your dartboard upright on a wall, this option doesn’t necessarily give you the best look. A freestanding board gives you the option to hang it where you like, whether it’s in the corner of a room or next to your bed.

So you can still choose what kind of a look you want for your board, but without having to deal with having to paint the wall, hang the board, and possibly remove it again. You can easily move the board to another room without having to worry about damaging the wall behind it.

A stand for your dartboard is something you need. It should be sturdy and stable and this stand usually has storage for your darts as well. It will prevent your dartboard from falling when you are playing. A freestanding dartboard stand is an ideal choice for your home because it doesn’t require any additional installation. You just put it up and use it right away.

Freestanding dartboard cabinet

If you have a dartboard, a freestanding dartboard cabinet is a great solution. Since they are freestanding, you can move the cabinet to any room or space you wish to use. They are expensive and are designed to look more like a dartboard on the wall.

Most dartboard cabinets are designed with multiple compartments where you can hang all of your darts. This makes it easy to organize your darts and also gives you plenty of space to work on your dart game.

A full-standing dartboard cabinet is a great idea for storing your darts, chalk, and scoreboard. The cabinet has enough space to store all of these items and more. It keeps your darts, chalk, and scoreboard safe and secure.

Hanging it on a door

Another way to hang your dartboard without fixing it to a wall is by hanging it on a door you can do it by adding hanging fixtures and using a string to hang it on a door.


If you’re looking for a dartboard that you can hang anywhere, you should consider getting a portable dartboard. It’s easy to transport and easy to set up. You can hang it on a door or use a freestanding stand. It doesn’t require any additional drilling or painting.

When you’re looking for a dartboard that’s portable, you should consider getting a freestanding dartboard. It’s a great choice because you can move it from room to room, and it doesn’t require any additional installation.

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