How to keep Dartboard from Spinning or Rotating (Fixed)

How do you keep your dartboard from spinning? You just need to tighten the back of your dartboard to the wall. Moreover, you could drill three more screws through the back of the dartboard into the wall to make sure it stays firmly in its place.

I know how frustrating it can be when the board starts to rotate in the middle of a game, the whole concentration level drops and you could find yourself behind the game. You need a permanent fix to the problem.

In this post, we discuss the issue at hand in detail and talk about what you can do to prevent it, or stop it.

Why do Dartboards Rotate?

Most dartboards have a frame with three metal posts that secure the board to the wall. If that is not done properly, your dartboard could be prone to spinning.

Each time you throw a dart, a slight force is experienced against the metal post and with repeated action, it can start to move a little and may result in spinning after the dart hits it.

This is where the problem arises and this needs fixing when you face such a problem.

How to Prevent Dartboards from Spinning?

Many people don’t know how to hang a dartboard correctly. The first thing you need to do is hang your board securely. The easiest way to do this is to use all of the provided screws and screw holes.

The second step is to make sure the board is hanging straight. If you have any kind of added weight on your board, it will likely spin.

Beginners often don’t realize that dartboard maintenance is an important aspect of keeping their dart equipment in good shape. If you do not take care of your dart equipment, you can easily damage your equipment.

Your dartboard can only handle the weight it’s designed to take, so don’t throw anything other than decent enough darts.

When it comes to darts, you want to make sure you are using the best darts that you can get your hands on. A good dart is one that is designed for you and your throwing style.

How to Stop Dartboards from Spinning?

The first step is to remove your dartboard and the existing screws that are holding it to the wall. Next, use a hammer and a screwdriver to drive three additional holes in the back of the dartboard into the wall.

Then, place all six screws through the back of the board into the wall. Finally, tighten the screws to ensure they are firmly in place.

Doing this will solve your problem permanently, and you won’t need to worry about your dartboard spinning ever again.

Make sure your dartboard hasn’t gone through irreversible damage though because then it won’t work. However, that’s very rare.

If you are using a wooden board, you should make sure to use a wood filler. The filler will help the board to stay in place. The filler will also help to smooth out any rough edges or dents that may be present on the board.

A board is the most important piece of equipment you’ll ever own. If you play games on a regular basis, you’ll want to make sure that the board you buy is made of the best material possible.

Dartboard Maintenance Tips

You can follow these dartboard maintenance tips to ensure your dartboard lasts longer and no issues are posed.

1. Rotate your dartboard twice a week

You need to rotate your dartboard’s scoring ring bi-weekly to spread the wear and tear. This way there won’t be one spot to take all the darts at once. When you rotate your dartboard you ensure that all of the space is being used.

If you’re using sisal fiber or bristle dartboards, this is easily doable, as the ring is removable, so you can adjust as you like.

However, if that’s not the case, you’ll have to remove the dartboard from the wall and rotate it, which is not recommended every week. You could do it once a month.

2. Don’t Let your Dartboard get Wet

If possible, you should never allow your dartboard to sit in water or rain for extended periods of time. Water can seep into the dartboard’s fibers and cause damage. Even worse is if your dartboard becomes wet overnight and then gets dried, it can leave permanent stains.

If your dartboard gets warped or bent slightly, then your problems will only worsen. It’ll start rotating itself as well.

3. Keep Your Dartboard Clean

You need to keep the surface of your dartboard clean. This includes the back of the board and the bottom as well. Dirt, dust, and sand can clog the holes in the board and make them useless.

Use a microfiber cloth and make sure you scrub out the dust from the grooves. You can also use a soft brush to help clean the grooves.

4. Sharpen your Darts

This one’s a no-brainer. If you’ve been playing darts for more than 4-5 hours, then it’s time to sharpen your darts. There are a variety of dart sharpening tools out there, but the best tool is sharpening steel. It’ll help sharpen your darts to a razor edge.

5. Make Sure That You’re Using The Right Darts

You should always use the best darts that you can afford. Not just for the sake of the game, but for the durability of the dart. Cheap darts won’t last long.

It’s also important to remember that the weight of the darts is different. If you’re using heavy-duty darts, then you need to make sure that your dartboard can handle them.


The solution to the dartboard rotating is simple – you need to tighten the back screws enough so that they cannot easily slip out of the hole anymore. In order to achieve this, the screws must be tightened very tightly, making them harder to loosen again.

You should always try and prevent it from happening, and for that, we advise you to take care of your dartboard. Hope this article helps you and you get the dartboard rotating problem resolved for good.

How do you stabilize a dart board?

The answer is simple: just tighten the screws on the back of the dart board. When you turn the screws, the screws will hold the dart board in place. While this may seem like a simple fix, the fact that the darts are loose will cause more problems down the line.

Should a dart board spin?

No, the dartboard should stay firmly in its place, if mounted correctly. If it’s spinning by itself you need to fix it.
However, in order to keep your dartboard in the best shape, you should spin it about 180 degrees every month at least. The bristle dartboards have a movable scoring ring to help you do that.

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