How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts (Rules and Tricks)

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Bermuda Triangle Darts is a simple, fun dart game that allows you to compete with friends or family in an exciting and challenging way. It’s a little different from the regular darts, but it’s a lot of fun. If you enjoy fast-paced games, you will love this game.

Bermuda triangle darts are played by 2 or more people with the aim of having the highest score at the end of the game. The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponents.

The game is played by throwing 3 darts at a time at the dart board. Each player throws 3 darts and then moves on to the next player. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent.

I will cover how to play Bermuda triangle darts, how to play this game, the different rules of the game, and the equipment you need to learn how to play Bermuda triangle darts.

How Many Players are Allowed to Play

The best part about Bermuda triangle darts is that you can play them with up to 8 players. The good thing about Bermuda triangle darts is that the rounds can be played with as many people as you would like. The bad thing about Bermuda triangle darts is that they can be very competitive.

You might want to have a few friends join you for some friendly competition, but there are also tournaments and leagues where people can compete against each other.

I have played many rounds of Bermuda triangle darts with my friends. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends.

Rules and Scoring System of Bermuda Triangle Darts

Bermuda triangle darts is an exciting and easy way to play darts. It is played on a standard dartboard. In this game, there are 13 rounds in which the player will try to hit a particular target in each round. Each round will begin with the number “12” and end with the number “20.

This game is a lot like the regular dart game. However, instead of playing it like the regular game, players are trying to hit a certain area on a dart board with three darts in a row. The player who scores the highest, in the end, wins the game.

Players are aiming for the highest score possible. If a player misses a target with all three of the darts in a round, their score will be cut in half.

The Rules on How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

Like every other game, there is some set of rules you need to follow in order to play this game. These rules make this game fun and competitive so let’s dive into it.

  1. The first thing in this game is that if there are more than 3-4 players then you have to decide whether you are playing in teams or individually.
  2. Each player gets to throw 3 darts for every round.
  3. The players will be throwing at 12 for the 1st round. After the first player is done throwing all three darts that player has to clear the board for the next player.
  4. Players will be aiming for number 13 for the 2nd round.
  5. In the 3rd round, all the players will be aiming to throw at number 14.
  6. The 4th round is a little different. The players will be throwing for the double of their own choice.
  7. All the players will be aiming to throw at the 15 for the 5th round.
  8. The players will be throwing at 16 for round 6.
  9. The same goes for round 7 the players will be throwing at 17.
  10. It gets interesting in round 8 because the objective of this round is to hit the treble of the player’s choice.
  11. In round 9 the players have to aim for 18.
  12. The goal is to hit 19 in round 10.
  13. For round 11 the players have to aim for 20.
  14. From here on the game gets really competitive and fun. In round 12 the players will have to aim for the 25 or bullseye.
  15. All the players will have to aim for the bullseye in the last round. After the last round, the player who comes out with the highest score wins the game.

Tips and Strategy to Win Bermuda Triangle Darts

If you’re new to darts, it can be easy to get into the mindset of “I must hit all three trebles on every single round” or “I must win every game”. But this usually leads to a negative result. We recommend taking it slow at the beginning of each round and then progress on hitting doubles, and trebles.

It’s important to get a good score on the first game of a tournament, but if you go for the larger target in every single round you might end up losing because of the dreaded half-score penalty.

If you try to hit the treble and miss the target in all three turns instead of not getting any point your will be cut in half. The point is, if you are not prepared, you could get into a situation where you are down a lot of points with no chance of catching up.

Once the game is under your control then you can go for the doubles, and trebles to boost your score.


In short, there is never a right time to take the doubles and treble. Always wait until you have the game under control. The best advice we can give is just to relax, and not try too hard to do anything other than the basics. 

Darts is a great sport and there are many things you can learn from other players as well as yourself. We hope these tips help you improve and give you some pointers when you next play.

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