How to Play Halve it Darts (All you Need to Know)

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Darts have been popular for a few decades now and it is really fun to play with your friends and family. Darts are widely popular all over the world and especially in Europe and UK. Now there are a variety of different games in darts that are played by people all over the world and Halve-It darts is one of those games.

The name of this game is Halve-It because of its penalty rule. The point penalty rule is that if a player fails to hit the established target the points of that player will be halved and this rule makes the game more exciting.

That’s not all like all the other games there are certain rules that you need to follow to play this game.

Rules of Halve-It Darts 

Halve-It darts is a popular and competitive game that can not only be played one on one, or in groups, but also with multiple single players. The game starts with all players agreeing on how many rounds they are going to play.

The target is assigned for every round. The game starts with every player hitting three darts at the board to set their starting scores. The players should try to hit the higher score the higher the score the better.

In each round, the players will have to try to throw three darts at the assigned target number, and only the dart that hits the assigned target counts. The scoring is the same as it is in the traditional darts game, the doubles and triples are counted the same as it is done in the regular darts game.

If a player fails to hit the established target in any round then his score is cut in half and that is where the fun begins. That is where the game starts to get interesting and competitive.

The target number can only change when all the players have taken their turns. The player with the most score at the end of the game wins.

Different Variations of Halve-It Darts

In every sport, there are different variations in the game once you get the hang of it. The same is the case with Halve-It darts once you get the hang of this game there are different variations you can add to make the game more interesting.

You can set different targets on the board for example you can hit the established target in the first round and then skip the number next to it and then hit the next number. You can set the rule that you can only hit the doubles or triples on the assigned number.

The thing is that you can add any variation that makes the game hard and more exciting for you.

Scoring System of Halve-It Darts

The score for Halve-It darts is not very hard on the left side of the scoreboard write the assigned target for each round and the names of the players or groups go on top of the scoreboard just like it is done in most of the dart games.

The score for each player is recorded in each turn and after that player’s turn is over that score is added to the player’s total score.

The score for every round is added to the player’s total score but if any player fails to hit the established target then the score will be cut in half and that’s not a good thing in this game.

Tips For Halve-It Darts

The first thing that you should be good at in Halve-It darts is accuracy because if you are not an accurate thrower then you are going to have a tough time in this game.

The penalty point rule in this game is way too much. The moment you make a mistake you lose half of your total score that is why accuracy is essential in this game.

Another thing you need to be good at is staying calm under pressure situations because the moment you fail to hit the target in your first 2 tries you know if you mess up on the third try your score will be cut in half.

As the game progresses toward the end the pressure also starts to increase because you know you can’t mess up at the end of the game because it’s going to cost too much, so it is better to make mistakes at the start of the game.


Halve-It darts is one of the most exciting games to play with your friends or family and I can assure you that if you play it you will enjoy it. The more you play the more it will improve your accuracy and your skill level.

If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining dart game then this game is right up your alley. This is a dart game that you can really enjoy and it’s pretty easy to learn as well. I think it is a great dart game for all ages and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes dart games.

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