How to Win Darts with 2 Points Left? (Tips and tricks)

If you’re stuck and looking to win the 501 darts game or even 301 with just 2 points left, you simply hit double 1 to win the game.

That’s true for all the variations of 501 darts, which include 301, 401, 601, and even 1001 because the basic rule is the same in all these games.

In this blog post, we cover the subject in much more detail, and we talk about different scenarios to get to victory, so read on to know all about it.

How do you win at Darts with 2 Points Left?

You’ve reached the final stage of your darts match. It’s going to be a tough one. It seems that you are in trouble now. However, there is only one dart left.

You have one chance to win this game and if you hit double 1, you will win. It’s all up to you now. You can try to hit the double 1, but it might be too difficult to achieve. But that’s the only way so you have to go all in.

How do you Score a 2 in Darts?

The numbers on the dartboard go from 1 to 20. Each number represents the score you’ll achieve if you hit it. To score a 2 in darts you can either hit the number 2 or hit a double 1.

The double 1 will be the outer ring area of the board at 1. So these are the two ways you can score a ‘2’ in darts.

Do you have to win by 2 in Darts?

To win you have to get to zero, and you must finish by scoring a double. For example, if you need 10 to reach 0, you’ll have to score a double 5, or if a 6 is required, you’ll want to hit a double 3, you get the point!

How do you win 5 Points Left in Darts?

Well, it might sound like a complex situation since half of 5 is not a whole number. However, it’s not that hard if you break it down.

You hit 1 and then you hit a double 2. Or another combination could be a 3 and a double 1, that’s up to you.

So, when it’s an odd number you need to break it down to an odd number and an even number so that you can finish hitting a double. 

What Happens in Darts if You get to 1?

If a situation arises where a player needs 1 to get, or even goes below zero. The score is declared bust and the player ends up at the score before the turn was taken.

For example, if you have 20 to get and you hit a combination of 10 and a 9, you get 1 required to win, however, that’s not possible since you can only end with a double.

What happens is, that the turn is bust and the player goes back to the 20 required.

How to win Darts in Gta 5

To win a darts game in GTA 5 video game, you have to reach zero from an initial score of 301. A player can hit a maximum of 180 per round.

In order to play the game properly, you must understand the rules first. You have to take your time to master the rules before you can try and play the game.

This is important since the rules of darts in GTA 5 could be different from the other types of games that you have played before.

Conclusion – How to Win Darts with 2 points Left

To wrap it up, if you really want to master this game, then you have to be patient and play it at least a few times before you can expect to win every time.

In a nutshell, if you find yourself needing 2 points to win darts, you have to hit a double 1 to finish the game as a winner.

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