How Wide is a Dartboard Surround? (For all types)

After some research, we’ve found that most dartboard surrounds are under 80cm (32 inches) wide. However there are a lot of different types of dartboard surrounds on the market, so we’ve broken it down for you.

In this article, we’ll talk about different designs of dartboard surrounds, that are commonly used, and how wide each one of them is.

Types of Dartboard Surrounds and their Widths

The two main types of dartboard surround you’ll find are


These are circular dartboard surrounds that fit a standard 17.75″ bristle dartboard. They are about 68cm wide at the center. Or simply put, they have a diameter of 68cm. The inner diameter measures 44cm.

These dartboard surrounds have almost become a standard for round-type dartboard surrounds, and you’ll see these dimensions on almost all of them.


The rectangular dartboard surrounds are the other type, which is the most prominent. These surrounds are 81cm wide at most, and 71cm wide at least.

They can be found in two shapes, one is extended at the bottom and the other is square at both sides.


You’ll find custom made surrounds as well as octagonal ones. There can be different shapes but the two listed above are the most trending shapes. 

The octagonal surrounds are about 74cm wide.

How Wide is a Standard Dartboard?

After looking at a lot of products we can safely say that standard dartboard surrounds are 68 cm in width. They’re suitable for almost all dartboard types and fit in perfectly.

However, if you need to go for a custom dartboard surround, then they will usually be around 80cm wide. You can also order a customized dartboard in any size and shape.

Why do I Need to Use a Dartboard Surround?

There are multiple reasons why a dartboard surround is needed. The first reason is that it looks better and more professional than having just a dartboard.

The second reason is that it adds height to the dartboard. If you play with your darts on the ground you risk it falling over, even though it is sturdy enough. By using a dartboard surround, you are protected from such an event.

How To Measure For Darts Surrounds

There is no need to measure every corner of your darts’ surrounds. You can measure just the middle part where you’ll put your darts. With a tape measure or ruler, you can easily measure it for yourself.


So these are the dimensions of dartboard surrounds that you need to know. Dart board surrounds are easy to find and they are usually affordable. The only thing you have to consider when buying a dart board surrounds is where you are going to hang it and you’re good to go.

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