Is Soft Tip Darts Easier (What is the Difference)

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When you’re a beginner you might wonder if soft tip darts are easier than traditional darts. If that describes you then you’re at the right place because we’ll be discussing the subject in this post.

So to answer this simple question, we’d simply say that soft tip darts are not easier to play, just different from the traditional darts. For example, soft tip darts will require more force behind them to travel the distance. 

They’re much safer than steel tip darts, that’s for sure. They’re used mostly on electronic dartboards, which is convenient because you don’t have to keep the score. However, it doesn’t mean that throwing a soft tip dart is easier, it will need a lot of practice to master the art.

There are pros and cons of both types of darts but you can’t put a finger on which one’s easier. Read on to find out more about soft tip darts.

Are Soft Tip or Steel Tip Darts Better

Steel tip darts are the most widely used and are better for multiple reasons.

1. Steel tip darts are heavier. This is because of the metal they are made of and this makes them fly better.

2. Steel tip darts are more durable. Steel tip darts are less likely to break. They can handle a lot of abuse.

3. They’re more precise. If you want your darts to be dead accurate, you should opt for a steel tip. Steel tip darts are better at achieving this.

4. Soft tip darts are more prone to bounce outs, because of lesser penetration.

What Darts are Best for Beginners

For beginners, steel tip darts of weight 22-24g are ideal. These darts are easy to control and make your throws more accurate. Once you get a hang of them you can move to the weight of your liking.

Soft tip darts are not recommended for beginners, but if you have children at your place and you’re worried about their safety. Then it’s a good idea to play soft tip darts.

Why are Soft Tip Darts Lighter

Soft tip darts are lighter because they’re intended to be used on electronic dartboards. A heavier dart could probably damage the electronic dartboard so it makes a lot more sense that soft tip darts are made lighter.

Also, the material that is used to make soft tip darts is generally lighter than regular darts. Generally, a soft tip dart will only weigh 20g at max, whereas steel tip darts have an average weight of 24-26g.

Are Soft Tip Darts Safer

Yes, soft tip darts are most definitely safer than steel tip darts because their tips are made of plastic that can bend and hence absorb impact. This means that they’re safe and don’t cause damage to your walls or surroundings.

So you can go around playing with soft tip darts until you become an expert, without having to worry about your furniture or walls. That is because the tip isn’t as sharp.

What Kind of Darts do Professionals Use

In competitive darts, the pros will only use steel tip darts because it is regulated that way. Most pros will prefer a tungsten tip dart which is the strongest of metal tips.

The weight range of 21-24g is probably the preferred weight for their steel tip darts.

Can you Use Soft Tip Darts on Dartboard

Yes you can use soft tip darts on your regular bristle dartboard because the soft tip darts are made the same way a steel tip dart is made. However, it is not interchangeable, you cannot throw a steel tip dart on an electronic dartboard.

Soft tip darts will be received by the bristle dartboard just as the regular darts, so there are no issues there. 

Are Soft Tip Darts Worth it

Soft tip darts are good enough if you’re playing at home with your friends or in a casual way. They’re equally fun to play and they’re safe so they have that going for them.

However, when playing in competitions, steel tip darts are recommended because of their accuracy. The steel tip darts are hands down the better of the two, for competitive games.

Final Words

Steel tip darts are usually recommended by experienced dart players for beginner and intermediate players. While steel tips are often stiffer and easier to use, beginners tend to prefer the softer feel of a soft tip.

If you’ve been playing for a while, you might find that the soft tips don’t feel quite as good as the steel tips when you’re playing.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to get into darts, soft tip darts are fine but if you’re looking to excel at darts then it’s better to go for the steel tip darts. Steel tip darts are the best option for anyone who wants to become an expert in the game.

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