What Are Hammerhead Darts – Are They Worth It

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Hammerhead darts are steel tip darts with movable tips and they have the advantage of reducing bounce-outs. The best steel tip darts on the market are Hammerhead Super Alloy Darts. If you are looking for top-of-the-quality craftsmanship in darts then Super Alloy darts are really worth it. via

Are Hammerhead Darts Any Good?

Hammerhead darts are steel tip darts and they give you good control plus they have a retractable tip that reduces the bounce-outs dramatically. So, in my opinion, hammerhead darts are good to go.

Advantages of Hammerhead Darts

Hammerhead Darts are really well balanced which means it gives you good control. They are heavy in weight which means it helps in avoiding any bounce-outs. It comes with retractable tips, so you can screw out the metal tip and change it with the tip you like.

You can go with the plastic tip but that will take away the advantage of bounce-outs. The hammerhead darts not only avoid bounce-outs but also help you improve your game.

What are movable point darts?

More than thirty years ago, the industry’s greatest achievement was the dart barrel that had been introduced to improve the accuracy of the dart. But this innovation changed the dart forever. The new dart was manufactured with a thin layer of copper on the barrel. This gave the barrel strength while allowing the barrel to flex when it impacted the target. via

Who makes hammerhead darts?

Bottelsen American Dart Lines, Inc. this company has been making top-of-the-quality hammerhead darts for over 45 years. via

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