What Darts Do The Pros Use?

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It might surprise you to know that darts are one of the most complicated and difficult sports to master. You may think that it is easy to throw a dart and hit a bull’s eye, but darts aren’t actually all that easy to throw.

So what type of dart should the pro player choose? In my opinion, the two main categories are the fast-throwing steel or aluminum dart and the slower-throwing bamboo dart. This is why you’ll see most pros using steel or aluminum darts.

Steel darts are harder and faster to throw, which allows the player to generate more velocity. The higher velocity is usually used in the long game, as the steel dart has less wobble and is less likely to go off target.

Darts start at 12 grams and go up to 50 grams. The pros use darts around 30 grams. This weight provides good balance, straight flying, and reduces arm strain.

If you are trying to get better at darts, there is no point in practicing by using a set of darts that doesn’t reflect the real thing. For example, if you buy a set of cheap throwaway darts and practice your shots on an ordinary dartboard, you’re bound to make a lot of errors.

We are talking about professional darts players, not you or me. They use a range of products and accessories for their darts games, and it’s important to understand why, because these products and accessories can really affect your game.

What Is a Good Weight for Darts?

Most individuals playing darts for fun do not need darts above 25 grams to 30 grams.

Before you choose a dart weight, remember that different weights affect the balance of a dart differently, and your choice will determine your game’s outcome. Most players choose a weight that makes it easier to throw the dart straight and fast.

The ideal dart weight is one that keeps the dart balanced on the string throughout its flight. This means that you need to balance the weight of the dart tip and the weight of the dart shaft. This balance allows the dart to fly straight and true.

Some people think that the dart needs to be heavy for the best performance. For example, some people believe that darts with a weight of 50 grams or more are the best ones.

On the contrary, some other people think that darts with a weight of 20 grams or less are the best ones. As a matter of fact, no dart has a specific weight that makes it the best. It all depends on how you throw and on what your aim is.

If you are a beginner, this is the best choice for you. If you are a more advanced player, you may want to use heavier darts.

These darts have a higher center of gravity, which means that they are heavier and harder to throw. However, heavier darts will enable you to throw faster and straighter.

How Should I Choose Darts?

This might seem like a simple question, but it’s surprisingly difficult to answer. Most players agree that they want to play at their best, and that’s something that should influence their choice of darts.

However, it’s also clear that the players all have different styles. There is no one correct set of rules. Instead, the key thing is to learn about yourself and your own style, and then choose darts that are most suitable for you.


Darts is one of the most popular sports in the world. Darts are played by throwing metal-tipped darts at a small board. The aim is to get your dart as close as possible to the bullseye. It is one of the simplest sports to play.

One of the most important aspects of playing darts is keeping the dart at an angle so that it hits the board. Each dart is thrown using a certain speed and angle, which determines its trajectory.

The distance between the dart and the board is determined by the length of the dart. The ideal weight of darts is between 10g and 15g.


The perfect balance of darts is when they are just right. If the tip is too sharp, the dart doesn’t penetrate the target. If it is too blunt, it misses the target completely. So the tip of the dart is the important part and the balance between the sharpness of the tip and the size of the dart is what makes it a perfect balance.

What Weight of Darts Should I Use?

The weight of the dart is just as important as the distance it flies. This is because it can make all the difference between whether a dart hits the bull’s eye or misses completely.

The weight of a dart is determined by the thickness of the shaft, the weight of the lead, and the density of the dart’s composition. Thinner shafts are used for larger, lighter darts, while thicker shafts are used for smaller, heavier darts.

Lead weight is determined by the material used to make the shaft of the dart. Lead is generally made from tungsten or bismuth, both of which are extremely dense materials.

You should test by using different weights of darts and choose the one that suits you the best. It mostly depends on your personal preference but, if you are a beginner then you should start by using the lighter ones that way you would be able to avoid the chance of getting a fatigue and pain in your arm.

Darts That Professionals Use

We have created a list of some top dart players, we will discuss about the type of darts they use.

What weight darts does Phil Taylor use?

Phil Taylor is considered the greatest dart player of all time by many people, he has won many titles and he is also known as Phil “The Power” Taylor. The darts he used were 26 grams Target Legacy Darts. 

What darts does Peter Wright use?

Peter Wright is also a world champion who won 2020 world dart championship. Peter Wright uses Red Dragon 22 grams Tungsten Darts.

What darts does Michael van Gerwen use?

Micheal van Gerwen has been playing darts since 2002 and is currently ranked as the number 1 player in the world. He uses the 21.5 grams Winmau Exact MVG Darts.


Darts is a very simple sport to play. However, there are a lot of factors that affect the game, such as the weight of the darts, the distance it flies, the size of the board, and the angle at which it is thrown.

It is therefore important to choose darts that are most suitable for you. We hope that this article will help you to make the best choice for yourself.

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