What Does Double Out Mean in Darts? (Double-In/Double-Out)

The term ‘double out’ in darts means that you have to finish the game with a double. For example, if you have to score 16 to reach zero and win the game, you need to score a double 8.

The term ‘doubling out’ is particularly used in ’01 games such as 301 or 501 darts. These games are usually played double-in/double-out, which simply means that you have to start by hitting a double and end with a double as well.

However, some people even play the straight-in/double-out version of the game where a double is not required in your first turn. But ending with a double is mandatory.

Darts 501/301 Double Out Rules


Double Out rules are one of the most important parts of dart games. You should pay close attention to them because this is where you could make or break the game. Double-outs are especially important in games such as 301 or 501.

This is because these games are usually played double-in/double-out.


If you are playing the straight-in/double-out version of the game, you don’t have to worry about scoring a double in your first shot.

You may be thinking that you don’t have to worry about the first double because you don’t have to start with a double in your first turn.

This is true, but you must realize that you still have to end the game with a double and you need to have a clear strategy in mind at the beginning of the game.

What is ‘Master Out’ in Darts?

It is just like any other X01 game, like 301 or 501 darts, where you start with hitting a double and end up hitting a double as well. However, there’s a little modification to the rule in Master Out Darts.

You could end with a double, a triple, or a bullseye in the Master Out rule of the game. This is by no means easier, yet you get a higher probability of closing out the game and winning it.

Meaning of ‘Open-in/Open-out’ in Darts

It simply means that there’s no restriction on how you open the game or close it out. For example, you don’t necessarily have to hit a double to start the game or end it.

You can hit any number anywhere and still be well on your way. And towards the end of the game, you can hit any score to reduce to zero and win it.

How to Double Out with 3

You hit 1, and then a double 1. Add it up and you’ll have scored 3 and ended up winning the game as well. This trick is applicable whenever you need to score an odd number at the end.

You hit a combination of an odd number and a double of an even number, which adds up to the required score.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does doubling out mean in darts?

Doubling out means that you have to score a double to close out the game and reach zero in ’01 darts games.

What are double in and double out in darts?

It is a version of a game where you have to start and end by scoring a double.

Do you have to double out in darts?

You have to double out only in the x01 darts games, for example, 301 or 501 darts games. It is usually mandatory to double out in these games.

How do you do a double in darts?

You aim for the outer ring on your dartboard, it counts as the double. Whatever number you hit on the outer ring, you get double the value.

Final Words – What Does Double Out Mean in Darts

There is nothing like the thrill of winning a game. However, when you lose a game you’ve worked hard on, you may feel frustrated. Hence, it is important to know what double out in darts means.

You will likely be well aware of what it means by now. We’ve tried to include all information about double-out in darts. If you know how to do it right, then you should be able to finish the game on top.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our guide. We hope that you were able to learn everything you intended to.

If you have any queries, please leave us a comment below. Good luck!

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