What does Low Ton Mean in Darts? (And other darts slangs!)

So you heard the term ‘low ton’ being thrown around, playing darts with your friends and you wondered what it meant. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered in this post.

A low ton in darts means any score between 100 and 150. Not more than 150 and not less than 100. For example, 105, 110, or 149, all these scores would be considered a low ton in darts.

We’ll talk about more related darts slang terms in this piece so that next time you’re playing darts, you sound like a pro!

The Meaning of Low-Ton in Darts

If you think about it, it actually makes sense because ‘ton’ is used to represent the number 100. So, a low ton would mean a number over 100 but not by a lot.

There are many other slangs in darts that you should know about, if you have been playing darts for a while, you already know all of these slangs and have probably heard them used by players of all ages. Here are some of the most common.

What is a High Ton in Darts

In the same sense, a score between 150 and 180 is considered a ‘high ton’ in games like 501 or 301 darts. A high ton score would usually mean a score over 150 points.

If you are competing against other players in games like 301 darts, you might want to aim for a score over 150. A high ton score could mean a really good score.

Why is 170 Called the Big Fish in Darts

Two triple 20s followed by a bullseye make a final score of 170, which is also known as the big fish. It’s also known as the highest or maximum checkout.

It is known as the big fish because it’s the highest score you can get with a single dart.

Meaning of Ton 80 Darts

Three triple 20s make a score of 180 which is known as Ton-80 in Darts ’01. It is a huge achievement and no easy feat. You get that score by hitting triple-20 three times in a row, which requires an insane skill level.

Treble 20 Darts

When a dart hits the inner ring on the dartboard, it’s worth 3x the segment. So, when your dart lands on the inner ring on 20, you get a score of 3 x 20, which is 60.

This is known as a treble 20 in darts. Sometimes you’ll even hear triple 20, which is the same thing.

FAQs – What Does Low Ton Mean in Darts

Why is it called a low ton in darts?

It is called a low ton because the score represents a range of 100-150. You hit a low ton when you hit a dart board in a certain pattern. It could be three darts in a row or three sets of darts in a row.

How many points is a high ton in darts?

A high ton represents a score between 150 – 180 in x01 darts. The big fish also comes in that range, which is 170.

What do you call a good dart player?

Someone who’s very good at throwing darts is known as an ‘archer’ in darts. And it’s easy to see where this comes from. We know archers are good at shooting arrows at a target.

The same thing can be said about good dart players. They can throw darts at a target and hit a bullseye at will.

What is 3 triples in darts called?

It is called RO9 or ’round of 9′. It’s when you hit any three triples in a row.


In conclusion, this was just a small piece of our knowledge of darts. Hopefully, it will give you enough information to have a better understanding of the game and to be able to enjoy it more.

We hope now you know what low-ton means in darts and a couple of other things as well. Do leave us a comment if you have any questions about any of the darts terms we used.

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