What is a Dartboard made of? (Complete Guide)

The contemporary dartboard is made of sisal fibers that are glued to the board and kept in shape by a metal band. The best thing about these dartboards is that they’re self healing; they take their original shape once the darts are removed.

The game of darts has evolved so much in the past few decades and so has the dartboard. There are quite a few types of materials that are being used to make the dartboards now and there’s such variety that was never seen before.

The shape and design of the modern dart boards that we’re so used to seeing, were nowhere near the same.

Let’s look at all the different types of dartboards that are on the market. And we’ll discuss what material is used to make each one of them. In the end, we’ll talk about how you can take care of your dartboards.

Sisal Fibers Dartboard

So, how is a sisal dartboard made and what it is made of that everyone’s talking of? It is extracted from the Sisal plant (Agave Sisalana) and is widely used in making ropes and twines etc.

The extraction involves crushing the leaves to an extent that only the fibers remain and it is known as decortication. This is the material used in sisal dartboards also known as bristle dartboards.

It is nature’s gift to all the darts fans out there because the most endurable and long-lasting dartboards are made of sisal fiber.

The dartboards made out of this material are most widely used in competitions and tournaments, it gives your shots value and reduces bounce outs because the darts are kind of sucked into the board when you throw them.

In addition to this, they are also very cost-effective. So, whenever you go to play a match, you won’t need to shell out a big sum for buying new boards.

Price Range

These dartboards can vary from $40 to over $100, because there’s a lot of variety in the market, and prices vary with quality.

Electronic Dartboard

In this age of hi-tech gadgetry and technological advancements, people are increasingly looking for electronic dartboards. These are made of A-grade plastic and offer a lot of features.

This is one of the most durable and cost-effective dartboards available today. It can be used for playing darts anytime you like. These electronic dartboards also make it possible for players to learn to play darts in an easier manner.

The electronic dartboards are designed in such a way that they can be placed anywhere. In this way, you can use it to keep your kids entertained.

Price Range

You can get electronic dartboards from $100 to $200, depending on what features you’re getting.

Magnetic Dartboard

Magnetic dartboards are made of ferrous or magnetic metals that attract the dart onto itself and make them stick. These are some excellent dartboards that can be used for fun. Make no mistake, these are not meant for professional sport but they’re good fun.

For those who don’t like to throw very hard, magnetic dartboards would make perfect practice targets. These are easy to assemble and don’t require much maintenance.

They also don’t require an expert to install so you can have fun with them at any time of the day. Magnetic dartboards are the ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Price Range

You can buy a decent enough magnetic dartboard at around $25 mark.

Wooden Dartboard

Wooden dartboards are considered a luxury, they’re not every darts player’s possession as they’re expensive. While wooden dartboards are more durable than plastic, they’re also more prone to irreparable damage.

The wooden boards are also heavy so you might not be able to easily move them around in your house. However, there’s no doubt that the quality of these boards is top-notch as is reflected in their prices.

Price Range

These dartboards are over $350 at least.

Cork Dartboard

Cork dartboard isn’t the best type of dartboard on the market. Cork dartboard is mostly made of cork obviously. The main advantage of cork is that it is very soft. It makes for a great playing surface since the softness of the board makes it easy to push the darts across it.

Also, it is easy to remove the darts from the board. However, the disadvantage of this material is that it is very flexible and can easily be damaged. So, if you are looking to buy this type of board, keep in mind that it is not for serious players.

Unless you’re on a very tight budget, we won’t recommend a cork dartboard to our readers.

Price Range

You can find cork dartboards for under $10 easily.

Paper Dartboard

It is a form of dartboard which is composed of wound paper. In fact, this is one of the most affordable types of dartboards. The main advantage of this dartboard is that it is relatively cheap.

However, that’s the only advantage you can think of. This kind of dartboard is not recommended to serious players. Since it is made out of paper, it is susceptible to damage. You may end up destroying your board by using it carelessly.

You can find several types of dartboards in the market. However, if you have a small budget, it’s wise to choose the cheapest type of dartboard. This is one dartboard that you can use to practice a lot.

Price Range

These can range from $10-$20 on average.

Dartboard Selection and Care

When you’re choosing a dartboard for yourself, try not to fall for cheap practice-level dartboards as they’ll do more harm than good.

You should look for high-quality dartboards which will last you many years and give you a great shot at the game. After all, it’s hard work trying to improve your game, so you might as well get a good dartboard.

The material of the dartboard should be strong yet lightweight and it should be easy to clean. We recommend that you go for sisal fiber dartboards as these dartboards live up to all the expectations that a darts player has in mind.

You should also make it a habit to rotate your dartboard’s number ring twice every week, this way you’ll spread the wear and tear on your dartboard and let it heal. The only area that remains unmoved is the bullseye, so you have to be mindful of that fact.

FAQs – What are Dartboards made of

Are dartboards made of horsehair?

No, dartboards are not made of horsehair or any other animal’s hair for that matter. Although the material that is used kind of mimics animal hair it is totally synthetic. It is also a common myth that pig hair is used in making a dartboard.

What is a Winmau dartboard made of?

Winmau dartboard is a great dartboard that is made of Kenyan Sisal plant. It has its own unique textures.

What dart boards do professionals use?

Most professionally used dartboards are bristle dartboards made of sisal fibers.


As you can see from the above facts, there are many different kinds of dartboards that are available in the market. And each one of them is designed to offer maximum support for players. 

It is very important for you to select the dartboard that best suits your playing style and needs.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot about darts from our article on what dartboards are made of, and what material is used. 

But if you have any questions or want to know more about the subject, feel free to ask away in the comments section below!

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