What is a Hat Trick in Darts (3 in the Red?)

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I’ve always loved the language of darts and the fact that it’s a part of our culture. I wanted to share my favorite with you.

A hat trick is a term used in a variety of different sports, but a hat trick in darts is achieved by scoring three bullseye shots in a round or scoring three bullseyes in a set of three darts.

It is often called the ‘Alan Evans shot’, who’s been a legend of the game and has made a lot of hat tricks in darts.

For example, a hat-trick in football (soccer) is when a player scores 3 goals in one match. Or a hat-trick in baseball is when a batter hits three home runs in a single game.

Does it have to be ‘Three in the Red’?

A true hat trick in darts requires that all three darts hit the inner bullseye or the Red. You have the rarest of prizes if you can accomplish this feat – the Alan Evans Shot.

However, some people say that even if you hit the outer bullseye three times in a row it is also a hat trick. In brief, the definition of a hat trick is three in a row, so technically, even if you hit the outer bullseye three times in a row, you would have achieved a hat trick.

But it depends on what is believed in your circle where you’re playing. Even though, in an amateur environment, the lenient definition will prevail.

What is 3 Triples in Darts Called

3 Triples in darts is called ‘three in a bed’. When you score the same number and hit the same area three times in a row it is called ‘three in a bed’.

FAQs – What is a Hat Trick in Darts

What is 3 Bullseyes in darts called?

Indeed, it is a hat trick. By comparison, if you throw three darts at the same target and get one bullseye, it is called a “double”. If you get two bullseyes, it is a “triple”. If you get three bullseyes, it is a “hat trick”.

Why do they call it a hat trick?

The term hat trick comes from way back in 1858 in cricket, when H.H. Stephenson took three wickets in three consecutive balls. Later it was adopted by different sports and it signifies the number ‘3’.

So when a player achieves a feat three times in any sport it is mostly called a ‘hat trick’


As you can see, there are many definitions for the term hat trick. But the most common one is three bullseyes in a row, which is a hat trick in darts.

We hope you liked our detailed answer in this article and that it helps you to understand the definition of a hat trick. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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