What is an Electronic Dart board (Pros and Cons)

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An electronic dart board is a computer-controlled game where players throw darts at the board to score points. The board has several scoring zones and depending on the number of darts you hit in each zone, you get a certain number of points.

In this article, we’ll discuss what an electronic dart board is and try to answer all the questions that you have in your mind. So read on to know all about electronic dart boards.

What are Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards are made of a computerized board that can calculate points and then it can tell you what points you have scored on a certain strike or a certain dart. These dartboards can be installed in any location like restaurants, bars, and even clubs.

These are built from plastic and it has small holes that hold the darts when you throw them. The measurements of an electronic dartboard are as follows:

5’8″ to the Bull, 8′ to the Face, 9′ 9-13/16″ Diagonal.

Electronic dartboards are much more fun than regular dartboards because they give real-time results and also the game is more interactive.

Visually, it is more attractive because of all the lights and you see the advanced technology at work here.

Difference between Electronic Dartboards and Regular Dartboards

1. Regular dartboards have to be manually set up. The computerized electronic dartboards can be set up quickly and it is done automatically.

This makes it more convenient to play and much less time consuming. Electronic dartboards have been used in many places, such as restaurants, bars, and even clubs.

2. The electronic dartboards are brighter, which can help you see your throws better. The darts appear to come from a distance and make it easier to throw with a longer range of accuracy.

3. There are more colors on the electronic dartboard than on the regular one. It can also have sound effects and music added to enhance the atmosphere.

4. With an electronic dartboard you have more flexibility in choosing where you want to use them. They can be placed anywhere that you want because they do not need to be mounted.

5. Electronic dartboards are smaller than regular dartboards. Electronic dartboards have a diameter of 15.5″ compared to 18″ of traditional dartboards.

How do Electronic Dartboards Work

The electronic dartboards have a score assigned to every hole that holds your dart, once you throw your dart the board displays the score assigned to that specific receptor or the hole.


The concept is quite simple but the technology is high-end and there are a lot of technicalities involved. An electronic dartboard uses a sensor that detects the movement of the darts.

These sensors convert the data into digital signals and send it to the microcontroller which converts this signal into an output. The output is sent to the LCD screen, which displays the scores.

The screen also has a buzzer attached to it so that the owner can hear the result of each shot.

What kind of Darts do you use on Electronic Dartboards

You’ll have to use soft-tip darts on electronic dartboards rather than steel-tip darts as you normally would with a traditional dartboard. Steel tip darts will damage your board because they aren’t made for them.

A soft-tip dart has a plastic tip instead of a metal one, so these are the darts you should use when playing on an electronic dartboard.

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Why are Soft Tip Darts Used for Electronic Dartboards?

You cannot use steel tip darts on your electronic dartboard because it will damage the receptors in your board since they’re very sharp.

Electronic dartboards are only compatible with soft tip darts, that the receptors can hold onto.

Soft Tip Darts vs Steel Tip Darts

Soft tip darts feel different from conventional steel tip darts as they’re lighter and you’ll need to get a hang of them before you start competing.

Pros of Electronic Dartboards

1. Electronic dartboards are not that expensive, you can even find some for under $100. They are really easy to set up, just plug in and play. This means you don’t need any tools to set them up. It’s really simple and fast to set up, especially if you’re going to play with friends.

2. It gives you an instant score. Once you throw a dart at your electronic dartboard, you get an instant score. This is helpful if you’re playing games like darts, darts with time, or darts for money.

3. It’s a great way to improve your skills. If you want to improve your throwing skills, then electronic dartboards are the best way to do so because it allows you to throw darts without the fear of hurting yourself.

4. Some electronic dartboards come with a cabinet to protect the surroundings of your dartboard but then again, soft tip darts won’t cause any serious damage anyway.

5. They are a lot more engaging and fun than traditional dartboards. You get to have fun playing darts, instead of just hitting targets.

6. Electronic dartboards are also a lot easier to clean. Conventional darts can be messy and stain easily, but electronic dartboards are easy to clean.

Cons of Electronic Dartboards

1. They require electricity, so there may not be any electrical sockets nearby.

3. The sound may distract your teammates from their practice.

4. There are many other types of electronic dartboards available in the market, so you may not find one that perfectly suits your needs. On the other hand, it also gives you a lot of flexibility.

5. The electronic dartboards that we’ve discussed here mostly come in a cabinet which makes it more bulky and heavy compared to regular dartboards.

6. They are expensive and may not be a cost-effective option for everyone.

FAQs – What is an Electronic Dartboard

Do electronic dart boards use real darts?

Yes. Real darts will always be used. The only thing is that, while using real darts, you must make sure that you’re throwing the correct type of dart.

For example, you need to throw soft tip darts on your electronic dartboards.

Are electronic dartboards any good?

Many players swear by their electronic dart boards. Most of the time, these dartboards offer superior precision, accuracy, and speed.

When compared with the normal dartboards, they’re definitely faster. What’s more, they can also save some money as they do not require much maintenance.

Are they safe? These electronic dartboards are completely safe unlike the traditional ones.

How much are electronic dart boards?

These can cost you somewhere between $100-$200 for a decent enough piece.


It’s better to go with electronic dart boards as they are far better than the regular dartboards that you can find in most pubs.

If you’re bored with all the regular dartboards, then try out the electronic dartboards that are available these days and will surely blow your mind. 

The use of electric cars is becoming popular these days, especially among the younger generation.

Electronic dart boards have really caught the attention of the people and hence it can be said that the future of darts is truly bright and it will continue to grow in the coming years.

With the invention of these electronic dart boards, it will become very easy for the players to enjoy their darting sessions even more than ever before.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this post as we certainly answered a lot of questions you’d have in your mind.

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