What is the Most Popular Dart Game 2022 (Not a shocker!)

Dart games are fun, they’re social, and they’re challenging. You can play them with your friends, you can play them in your home, and you can play them anywhere. There are dart games for all ages and skill levels, so no matter what kind of player you are, there is a game for you.

You can find dart games on any dart board, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique than the standard “bullseye” game, you might want to consider investing in an electronic dartboard.

If you buy an electronic dartboard then there are a lot of different on it that you can play using soft tip darts. Here are five of the best dart games that will keep you and your friends playing for hours and hours.

We have selected some of the best dart games that we recommend. Each game has different rules but all of them are fun and easy to play. 

Whether you are a sports fan or not, there are plenty of great dart games to keep you entertained.

Five Most Popular Dart Games

1. Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular games in darts and is very fun to play. This is a game that is mostly played in bars all over the world. There are a few variations of cricket but we are going to talk about the version that is most commonly played.

The rules of cricket are pretty simple and easy to learn. This game can be played between at least 2 people the players have to throw 3 darts trying to hit from 15 through 20 and the bullseye.

The players have to score each number three times before the end of the game and it is called closing an inning. If you hit the number that is not in the game then that scores no points.

The inner and outer rings of any number have different points, if you hit the outer ring of any number that counts as 2 points and if you hit the inner ring that counts as 3 points. 

Let’s take an example if a player hits the inner ring of 15 that closes out that number for that player. Now only that player can get points every time the dart hits that number until the other player closes out that number too.

A number can be out of the game when both players had closed out a number. For example, if both the players have closed out number 15, now number 15 is no longer on the game.

The game ends when one player has closed out the board and the winner is that scored the highest at the end. 

2. Knockout Darts

Knockout is a fun and competitive game to play, it can be from 2 to 8 players. The game starts by deciding the order of the game meaning which player gets to go first and which player gets to go last.

To determine the order of the play all the players throw darts at the board and the player whose dart is closest to the bullseye gets to go first, the second closest to the bullseye goes second, and the rest of the order continues in the same way. 

After the order of the game is decided the first player gets to throw three darts to get the highest score possible. The player whose turn next has to beat the first player by getting a higher score than the previous one.

Suppose if the second player fails to beat the score of the first player then the player gets a check in front of their name but if the second player gets a higher score then the score resets for the third player. 

The player is knocked out of the game if they get three checks in front of their name. The last player who is still in play is considered the winner of the game. So the goal of this game is to stay in the game until the end.

3. Killer Darts

The killer is another popular game in darts it can be played by 5 up to 20 players. The game starts by having everyone pick a random number between 1 to 20.

The number picked by the players will be their number for the game. After that give each player three or five lives.

The first goal of this game is to hit the double ring of the number the player picked three times. The player who hit the double ring of the picked number three times gets the status of the killer.

When someone becomes the killer gets the ability to take the person’s life by hitting the double ring of that person’s number. The game continues until there is only one person left in the game

4. Nine Lives

The nine lives is an interesting game it is played between 2 or more players but it is more fun if there are more players. 

The first part of the game is to determine the order by throwing the darts on the board to the player whose dart is closest to the bullseye and the order continues in the outward direction.

Every player gets three darts in their turn and the goal is to go around the board in numerical order from 1 – 20. The player has to move at least one step forward in every turn because they get to throw 3 darts in every turn.

If a player fails to move forward one number that player loses a life. When a player loses all of their lives that player is out of the game.

A player wins the game when that player has completed the circle around the board or that player is last to stay in the game.

5. Shanghai Darts

Shanghai darts is a fast-paced, competitive, and very entertaining game. It can be played with 2 or more players 

Here’s how you’re supposed to play the game. The rules are simple; you shoot for the number you’re in. There is no handicapping and no minimum or maximum score. It’s a fast-paced and exciting game. Whoever scores the highest or hits a shanghai wins the game

The order of the game is to hit the number same as the round number and the number goes from 1 – 20. The game starts from 1 and ends on number 20. 

The point value matters in this game so, in round 1, if you hit 3 triples, you would get 9 points, and in round 10, you would get 90 points. Any dart that lands outside of the current number in play is zero points.

The game gets interesting as it progresses in this game the point value matters for example in a round if you hit 3 triples you get 9 points but it increases as the game progresses, in round 10 if you hit 3 triples you get 90 points that if you hit the same segment as the round.

Any dart that land outside of that number is worth 0 points.

Winning at any time regardless of your score is part of the fun of this game. The Shanghai is landing a dart in the single, double and triple sections of the active number in play. If a player hits a Shanghai, the game is over and that player wins the game. 

Learn All About Shanghai Darts Game

Some More Fun and Entertaining Dart Games

1. Baseball Darts

Baseball darts is a good game for beginners. It is different from other dart games Baseball darts focus on the numbers 1 to 9, which are not usually the desired target in most games. 

Baseball is a fun sport for all ages. It allows you to focus on numbers that are often ignored. for a beginner, it helps them learn where these numbers are on the board.

In this game, in each round, you have to hit a specific number and if you hit a double or triple you get extra points. The best thing about this game is that even if the player misses the triple or double that player is still rewarded 1 point.

2. Hare And Hounds

Hare And Hounds is a game where you and your friends take turns trying to hit your target numbers on the board. As you throw darts, if one of the players hits its target first that player can move on to the next number.

The player who is in the lead is called the hare. The hound’s job is to catch the hare who is in the lead. This game uses every inch of the board except the bullseye and there is no need to keep track of the score. This game is more fun with more players

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