Why do my Darts Go in at an Angle (Fix Wobbling Dart)

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As a dart player, you want to get a good throw. But when you practice, you’re often observing that your darts go in at an angle. Why is that? It turns out that the reason you’re getting a sideways throw is that you’re trying to compensate for your bad aim.

When you compensate for an error, you end up with a dart that lands sideways or wobbles. The problem is that your brain is hardwired to avoid making errors.

There are also some technical aspects to this problem that we’re going to discuss in this article, so read on to get the complete picture.

Why do my Darts Land Sideways

It is very common for darts players to land their darts on the wrong side of the board when they release them.

The dart will sometimes hit the board sideways or land in a completely different spot than where it was supposed to land. There are a few things that can cause this.

Holding the dart tightly can cause you to have a poor release, which can result in the dart landing at an angle on the dartboard.

If you keep your grip on the dart too tight, it could even slip out of your hand. It will also make your throwing arm tense up and you might find that the dart is slipping out of your hand.

What Angle should the Dart Land in the Board

This is a very common question that we get. There is no single right answer, it all depends on the situation.

For a newbie, if they’re unsure how to do it right, we’ll recommend them to hit it at a downward angle of about 20 degrees and then raise it if they feel they need to.

For advanced players, we’ll tell them to play it flat. You have to figure out what feels natural for you and what works best for your playing style.

The dart should be released with enough force so that it’s able to travel through the air with enough speed to make a sharp turn towards the target, but not so much that it flies off the end of the board.

If you’re using too much force, it will fly straight and may not even reach the target.

How to Improve your Dart Throw

1. Release

Make sure that you release the dart with enough force so that it flies through the air at a decent speed. This will allow it to make a sharp turn towards the target.

2. Aim

When you release the dart, you want to aim it so that it lands on the target.

3. Follow Through

You want to follow through with your throwing arm so that the dart goes into the board. If you release the dart too soon, it will fly off the board.

4. Relax

It is important to relax your arm and wrist muscles. To illustrate, think of a piano player. If you were playing the piano, you wouldn’t tense up your arms and hands.

5. Keep Your Grip

The last thing you want to do is to tighten your grip on the dart. It is better to let go of the dart slightly and then pick it back up.

Getting to know your Dart’s Center of Gravity

Center-weighted darts

These tend to be the most stable in their flight so this is an ideal dart for beginners to practice on.

Front-weighted darts

This type of dart will cause your dart to wobble or go in at an angle if you don’t practice enough. You’ll need to get acquainted with its weight center before you can throw it with perfection.

Knowing the problem gets the job half done already, so you will need little practice to master it now.

Rear-weighted darts

The same can be said about this type of dart as well. If you hold the dart from the front, it could wobble a great deal. You’ll have to hold it where the center of gravity is and you’ll see massive improvement.

Should you Spin your Dart

This is something that we see a lot of players asking. We would recommend against it. The reason why is because it makes the dart spin around and thus makes it difficult to control.

If you spin the dart, it will have a tendency to go in at an angle. You’ll have to practice to master it.

FAQs – Why do my darts go in at an angle

How do I keep my darts straight?

Firstly, you need to learn how to release the dart properly. This is the first step in improving your dart game.

Secondly, you need to learn how to aim properly. If you aim your dart at the target, it will go straight.

How do you keep your elbows up when throwing darts?

When throwing darts, you want to keep your elbow up. This will give you more power and help you propel the dart further.


So we hope that you now understand why you’re getting an angle in your throw when you practice. The next time you’re practicing, don’t hold the dart too tightly. If you do, you’ll end up with a dart that lands sideways or wobbles.

Instead, relax your grip and let the dart fly naturally. You’ll be amazed at how much better your practice sessions will go.

In the end, thanks for reading, we hope you learned something new today.

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